17 comments on “Filipinas wins Reina Internacional del Chocolate 2022

  1. Yung naka violet sa gitna, siya ang Riena Internacional del TABLEA..😁

    • At ang 2 naka itim tie sila sa RIENA Internacional del Chocolate..🤣

  2. Congratulations. Reaffirming Philippines dominance in international beauty derby

  3. Congratulations! A highly credentialed contestant for this product-themed pageant will certainly win! Jereleen is a CPA, a university professor, and a future lawyer, aside from being a former Iskolar ng Bayan. Incidentally, the Philippines is the world’s 24th top cocoa bean producer, with the host country the 36th. Four of the top 5 producers are African countries, except for Indonesia which is 3rd.

    • Unlike other pageants that promote tourism and clean environment, this pageant aims to promote the chocolate industry among its participating countries. The choice of a brains and beauty spokesperson could not be any better.

  4. Dalawa lang pala silang naglaban!

    Hindi tuloy nagamiit yung isang sash na ginawa….

    Reina Internacional del ChocNut!

  5. Reina Internacional
    Del Cacao
    Del Chocolate

    Next time:
    Reina Internacional
    Dela Chaa
    Dela Lemonada
    Del Halo halo

  6. OMG. Congratulations!

    Is she the one in the middle of the photo? Pwede rin syang Reina Internacional del Liquid Sosa! Lol.

    World Peace.

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