21 comments on “Could Celeste Cortesi be the Face of MUPH2022?

  1. Winner ALBAY 🌹🌹🌟🌟
    1st MAKATI
    2nd BAGIO CITY
    3rd BOHOL
    4th CEBU CITY

  2. She is but is she “uniquely beautiful “?? I would say no.

    I’m going to buck the trend and say that Michele Dee or Saubier will be chosen as MUP. I hope someone trains Baguio to be ready as future MUP.

    • Sa tayo, proportion ng katawan, lakad, mukha, talino , completo si misamis oriental. Di lng siya napili sa catwalk challenge mali kc ang concept at venue, hindi na packaged ang lugar or misamis oriental. Yung mga nanalo baguio, papawan, cebu, pinakita nila sa video ang lugar n nirepresent nila… if un ang ginawa ni misamis oriental i think mapili siya kc fierce nman talaga ang kanyang catwalk..

  3. Nowadays beauty for the Miss Universe title is only secondary to your advocacy. I only anticipate the barage of hate comments that are about to come my way. Let’s start te constructive or unconstructive conversation(s). Lol!

    • I agree. She is the face of MUPH2022
      My prediction:
      MUPH2022: Amelincx
      MUPHTourism: Dee
      MUPHCharity: Cortesi
      1st runner up: Schmidt
      2nd runner up: Caro

  4. Uniquely beautiful… her internal beauty is wanting, one stripped with a crown for odd attitude..

  5. No doubt she is both facially and physically stunning. But as clearly seen when she competed in Miss Earth 2018, her waterloo is Q&A which is likely to put her at a great disadvantage when it comes to Miss Universe. I’m hoping a more total package to carry our MU streak like Michelle Dee — articulate yet monotone speaking abilities and all — will emerge victorious to continue our MU streak.

    • ERRATUM:
      I’m hoping a more total package like Michelle Dee — articulate yet monotone speaking abilities and all — will emerge victorious to continue our MU streak.

  6. No doubt about it, Celeste could be the MUPh Face of the Year, but she is also in the running with the other two equally facially stunning ladies: Pauline Amelinckx and Francheska Dadivas.

    Celeste’s beauty could somewhat be polarizing if she would hold off her momentum. Thus, she has to keep up with her style and be trendy at times. She is the type of girl that needs “panggulat”, otherwise, Pauline would easily steal the moment from her. Pauline has a lot of X factor and could pass as Bianca Umali’s twin sister. Her innocent, classy and alluring look is overflowing. Plus she is a good conversationalist. If she were going to be styled a la classic Hollywood Audrey Hepburn (or the Stefania Fernandez hair style during MU 2009), then she will give Celeste a run for her money. Kumusta na ba ang body transformation ni Pauline? Mukha pa rin ba s’yang macho?

    Honestly, I’d still have Pauline as the frontrunner and is deserving for the MUPh crown, because she’ll definitely continue our ongoing semifinal streak in MU. But if Celeste can outwit Pauline in the QnA round, I would be fine.

    Francheska Dadivas, in the meanwhile, remains to be a dark horse. Her refreshing beauty is killing me.

    That’s all.

    • @Tissa Pauline looks leanee this days bec of the tan. its a great way to look thin but i dont like the smoky makeup she don in her swimsuit photos. styling talaga problema since the body became better. sana nga kunin nya yun stylist ni Kathleen Paton if she wins mup

      • Pauline’s upper torso is like Elizabeth Taylor’s. She looks compressed up there. I don’t know kung kaya pang remedyuhan ‘yun. Baka kapag pumayat pa s’ya, she’d look okay na.

        I agree with you, her make-up style is a hit or miss. Sana maging consistent s’ya.

        That’s all.

  7. To quote Norman: “That gloriously beautiful face can launch a thousand pictorials. Hands down.”

    And I agree. More to the point, her face, especially her eyes, projects so much personality and charisma.

  8. Three words. I HOPE NOT.

    She is pretty no doubt. But pretty in a mestisa, makinis, above-average way. ‘

    Is it just me or her second photo with forced, pouted (again, botched enhanced lips) just looks ugly and painful. Ladies, the forced, partly-opened, upper teeth showing , duck-lips smile has long gone of style many, many years ago. Please stop doing this to your pretty faces. You just look laughable.

    I can think of two or three other natural-looking, more deserving ladies to get the face of the MUP title.

    World Peace.

  9. certainly the face ! … she is still a close vice queen for me as of today , but who knows , 30+ days to go …. I can’t believe this thing is so long !

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