12 comments on “Catriona Gray at Madame Tussauds Singapore

  1. Congrats Cat!
    Her evening gown look for MU finals was almost perfect except for those fat beige platform shoes.
    Classic red stilleto heel shoes would have looked more expensive.

  2. I like Cat as a contestant pero nung nanalo na siya, underwhelming ang nangyari after. Questionable choices sa career – forgettable noontime show sa 5 and sa bf. Pareho sila ni Rabiya. They can do better than those ham actors na napagsawaan na ng baklang exec ng KaF and KaH

  3. Norm- what is the big drama between Jojo and Catriona? I heard he’s throwing shade at her on twitter??? Care to share?

    • I think it may have stemmed from not giving credit to the brand of the pair of heels that Catriona’s wax figure is wearing. In one report (by Rappler), it was mentioned that only a spare pair was used when everyone knows that she wore Bragais heels for competition during MU2018.

      • Baka naman spare talaga. Si bekle na kumampi kay Evil Mama J, doon siya mag-inarte. Wag kay Cat. Pag i-credit naman, gagawin ring issue.

      • And she claimed that she bought the spare shoes na suot ng wax figure. Everyone knows that Bragais sponsored her shoes, at hindi lang sa shoes gumastos si Jojo para sa kanya.

  4. I really can’t tell between the real Catriona and wax figure Catriona. Beautiful

  5. The best Miss Universe!

    Singapore is open for tourists, they need arrivals from their SouthEastAsian neighbors and having this wax figure of a Filipina is a great strategy. Plus this would also be loved by the Thai and Viet tourists, super!

  6. Ganda. Lifelike indeed.

    Catriona remains to be the benchmark of what we call a complete package. A pageant unicorn.

    It is fortunate that one of the best editions, if not the best edition of MU was held in Bangkok and they crowned one of the best queens in recent memory. Even other girls from other countries always mention her name as the benchmark.

    World Peace.

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