8 comments on “Hiyas ng Pilipinas 2022 Winners

  1. I just read online that the Miss Elite (international) organization has released an official statement that it has terminated its franchise with the Hiyas Ng Pilipinas organization. Wasn’t this supposed to be the local inaugural edition for said crown? In short, the newly-crowned Hiyas Ng Pilipinas – Elite Philippines Azriel Coloma will not compete at the Miss Elite pageant next year. Too bad for her. However, it was also cleared by the international organization that the current designated RP rep, Shanon Tampon, will proceed with competing in Eqypt – at least for now until said otherwise:))

  2. Dean Dianne is Beautiful..and Well- spoken..hmm..just that am finding her Lower bite– a little annoying..lalo na kong hindi cya naka- Smile..Hope she will have to resort to some Cosmetic Surgery to push-it back tiny- weeny bit…So she won’t appear medyo Vavalu…Looove her,..hoping the best for her bright pageant future.

  3. From the pictures of the winners, it looks like a bumper harvest of fresh sweet faces exuding that trademark Filipina sunshiny personality. All of them give a refreshing Mutya Datul vibe, not just one as @Anonymous noted. Hiyas ng Pilipinas must have struck gold in its inaugural edition!

  4. Azriel Coloma is such a fresh beauty. From her Instagram pics, she’s giving me the Mutya Datul vibe.

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