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  1. Another wish list item: invite Hidilyn Diaz as one of the judges (if her prep training for Asean Games permits). A world-class athlete fits well with world-class beauties. What a star-studed crowning event will it be!

  2. As long as they put on a great show. Please, don’t invite sponsors on stage anymore.
    1. It takes up time
    2. They just to have their 15secs of fane with their outlandish attres & hairstyles. 🤪😆😤🙄🙋🏽‍♀️

  3. Naaalala ko last year na nung 2020 kamukha ni Shmacey ang winner…tapos nung 2021 kamikha daw ni Mama J…so this year kanino kamukha? Mga bakla kayo, nagtatanong lang ako ha base sa naaalala ko dito. ❤❤❤

  4. Juice colored ano ito kumuha ng mga hosts na hundi naman maintindihan ang mga pronunciation nila ewan anung strategy nanaman ni baklush.

  5. My pick, misamis orriental… i was right when i rooted for bea thru my impression… baka tatama n nmn ako now😇

  6. Katrina

    I’m impressed at how Streamlined Pauline’s look has become . She just needs to improve on her walk

    • I hope they send someone who can really communicate .
      Like why not Bella instead of Rabiya ?
      Why not Katrina VVV or Maureen instead of Bea?

  7. I wonder if MUorg can move the host nation for MU2022 to Poland ( instead of France ) … ?

    If MW has a reigning queen from Poland, then MU will go one notch up and have pageant in Poland

  8. Baguio and Palawan should definitely move on to the finals night … they have potential for next year

    My top 3 does not change : Dee for the crown , Cortesi and Amelincx fighting for vice queen !

  9. #ARTE
    Iboto! Number 143 sa balota.
    Wag kayong umarte may unli canvassing ulit na pambayad sa imports.


  11. Kudos to MUP for bringing in these wonderful women for the coronation night.

    Now, let’s put a great production and hopefully pick a winner that can go toe to toe with these ladies.

    Catriona, I hope that you and Jonas can set aside differences and be able to work professionally together in the future- for the sake of sending and choosing the best candidate for the Philippines 🙂

  12. Im just a lurker and I don’t normally comment here pero mukhang mali ang sabi ni Norman na karamihan ng mga nag cocomment dito ay may breeding at decency and intelligent as well. Kung sino pa yung madalas ko na nakikitang nagcocomment dito sila pa talagang di maganda magsalita, very palpable ang statements nila na full of hatred and bitterness, grabe frustrations nila sa buhay nung nawala sa BPCI ang MUP at obvious na fantards sila ng isang beauty camp na mahina sa q&a ang mga sinasali nila like Steffi. Very historic ang hosting ng 3 Miss Universe winners in an international pageant moreso sa local pageant. Sana move on na lang at be happy for the success of other people. Peace on EArth and the Universe!

    • @leebrat, good you brought out the topic. Some comments are not just disdainful, offensive, and vulgar, but slanderous. And the army of thumbs down trolls– OMG! Most times I have not yet finished writing the continuation of my post in the reply section to my reply, troll stalkers have already deliriously registered their thumbs down. My reaction? Ignore. Psychologist agree that people who hate others, who labels some candidates as “pangit”, are actually self-haters– they put others down to feel good about oneself who subliminally suffers discomfort from his/her own physical limitations.

      • Since I was alluded to in this discussion, I’d like to assure you guys that I am not @leebrat. I have been suspected before as Voltaire Tayag, and now as a mutant commenter. No, I have never, and never will, assume another pseudonym. For 12 years now, this blog has been my go-to site at the end of a day’s work and during lull moments in the office, and the same name and the same writing style remains.

        I concurred with @leebrat’s observations about the negatrons in this blog, but as @anonymous noted sideswiping Steffi’s q&a skills is unnecessary and stymied the whole point on the issue of toxicity in this blog. @leebrant can never be me as in my entire life in this blog, I focused on issues and not on people. If ever I favor a candidate, I usually dwell on her own merits in the context of pageantry issues. But I will never compare her to another. It has always been my principle to never pit one beautiful person against another.

      • Si FABebe mashoho pek2 lang naman ang atribida dito. know it all. palibhasa matanda na. Napaglipasan ng panahon kaya agaw eczema.

    • @ leebrat…I was so hopeful sa comment mo. Finally, an upstanding commenter who’s not concerned about the camps. Until you mentioned Steffi’s shortcoming.

      Steffi made a name for herself in the pageant world. She didn’t win MUP; and she decided not to enter again despite the clamor from others for her to join. Since she decided to hang up her sash, we should also just leave her alone.

      So leebrat, how are you different from the other commenters who lack breeding and decency, considering how you dragged her name unnecessarily? You are not! You should have taken the high road and just left her name out, whether you meant no harm or otherwise.

      • I couldn’t agree more with your comment. I feel you and reacted the same upon reaching that part when @leebrat singled out Steffi and seemingly unaware of Steffi’s sweeping outstanding performances in every beauty contest she had conquered prior to her forgettable shortcoming in the final Q & A of MWP 2021. You can’t really win them all and no one cannot assure a perfect moment all the time. No one is not vulnerable. Hence, that doesn’t mean that she’s “mahina”. There you go, @leebrat…reexamine yourself and think, proofread before you click.

    • Lol! @leebrat you are embarrassing… pretending to be one of the nice ones.

      • baka si Ms Scorg lang din yan sis. alam mo na…it is all about ego. Hindi naman talaga natin alam kung sino ang totoo dito. pakiramdaman na lang talaga.

  13. I happen to think that this casting coup is impressive. Congratulations. I hope the production would also be world-class and more importantly, the eventual winner is worthy to hold candle with these three beautiful hosts.

    World Peace.

  14. A phenomenal celebration of beauty explodes at MOA Arena come MUP 2022 Finals! The honor of being hosted by three recent Miss Universe queens is a fitting tribute to the country where pageantry consistently pulsates with life even in the darkest days of this pandemic. This is a tell-tale sign of the emerging international recognition of the Philippines as the world’s epicenter of pageantry development. Impressive!

    • So cheap of this organization, pang barangay levels.

      Not to mention unethical.

      They need to get professionals to run this organization, they can never get anything right.

      If Jonas & MUPh think they can impress us with this announcement, they need to try & work harder, di ba @THROWBAKLA?

      • Yes SQ. Di maitatago ang ka-cheapan and kawalang integrity ng appearance ng 3 MUs.

      • Barangay Levels? Taas naman ng standards mo. The past two editions were not perfect pero at least they were able to put a decent show despite the pandemic. We produced good placements and a top 5 on the second year. Sana huwag masyadong entitled.

      • Bekle, kakanood mo ng Pangang Adam Genato videos, lahat na lang Tita Lavina ang lahat. Hahahaha.

      • No Paul, I just want to call you Tita Lav because you are so nega.

        Because of you failures in life???

  15. Exciting! Sana pang-MU din ang production at di ASAP-type/Johnny Manahan style.

  16. I am impressed … I guess Cat is really more adjoined to Bb Pilipinas Charities than the MU/MUP orgs
    I hope though that Cat will be one of the judges ! ( but not for background commentary , or else,,, )

    • Jonas and Catriona’s relationship is a broken glass that can never be fixed to its original form.
      Whatever the real reason may be, we don’t know but based on Jona’s relationship with all the other girls he handled and trained, I strongly believe that it’s more on Catriona. Maybe she has her own reasons as well.

      • I think they had huge differences on how to approach joining BBP. From what I gather, Cat felt she was being controlled too much and she didn’t feel have the creative freedom to do it her way. I also think that Jonas did not want her to join so soon because Pia just won as well. So he was biding their time, which Cat did not agee.

        In short- Jonas was the boss, Cat was just following every thing he says.

      • More on Catriona ka dyan. Hahahaha. Di kasi submissive si Cat unlike kay Pia. Cat is the representation of one empowered woman. Ininvite lang ang 3 2 former MUs, kinalimutan na lahat kasalanan ni Evil Mama J. Hahahaha. Ambabaw.

      • I think Jonas wants an obedient queen, a queen he can basically control. Yung oo nang oo sa kanya. And Catriona I think is strong willed ayaw magpadikta. That’s how I see it.

  17. Wow! Pasabog naman pala. Mas bongga sana kung maimbita naman si Catriona as judge. I can’t wait to see the finals in MOA Arena.

    That’s all.

    • Iris naman is a staple sa french ganaps etc. Si Iris housewife nang closets na si Tebow. When you look at it it’s not really the biggest deal. Mapapawow talaga ako kung makuha nila si Gal Gadot no less

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