6 comments on “Shamcey Supsup-Lee for ARTE Party List

  1. Lloyd Lee’s family owns one of the biggest knitting and textile companies in the Philippines.

  2. It is about time that this sector of the society be represented in Congress

  3. Party List System is one noteworthy feature of Philippine democracy that has been “bastardized” by political dynasties, political parties, and big business. What was intended to give representation to the marginalized has become another avenue for the privileged moneyed few to overextend their tentacles and tighten their grip to power and the nation’s wealth. Recent research study by an election watchdog reveals that 70% of the aspirants for Party List are organizations backed by the rich and the powerful.

    I therefore encourage pageant enthusiasts to be discerning of their choice for Party List. Obviously, ARTE Partylist represents a marginalized sector, the creative industry, that has been badly beaten by this pandemic. Live and online media events that showcase Philippine pageantry, artistry and talents seriously need to leapfrog into an economic value-adding industry. Someone has to champion the development of performing and visual arts via enabling legislations.

  4. Di nga maayos MUP yan pa kaya. Marami ng magagandang laws. Implementation kulang. What na ba nagawa niya to further this cause? Mas bongga pa si Cat. Kadiri. Ginamit pa MUPh. Kakasama niya kay Evil Mama J.

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