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  1. Para lang silang a-attend ng JS Prom! Yung iba naman Ninang sa binyag! The others parang Cabarete! Samantalang Screening pa lang ng MU Vietnam! Talagang level up na mga candidate!

    Yeah! Only Katrina Llegado was able to dress appropriately! Iba talaga pag may pageant experience na!

    Anyway, minor details lang yan! Almost walang bearing yan sa Scorecard nila kaya may chance pa kayo mga girlalu!

  2. Standouts are Bohol, Taguig, Pasay, Lapulapu, Cebu City, and Misamis Oriental

  3. Bohol over rated. Kakaumay, forgettable. 🥴
    Very few strong candidates. 😬
    Watching Llegado. 🤔

  4. Just some friendly advice: It’s never a good thing when people notice your footwear, rather than notice you.

  5. Four candidates who stood out for me, in no particular order:

    Misamis Oriental

  6. I am really very majorly disappointed in this year’s batch.
    In the above group photos, only Llegado looks like an official candidate.

    • Observation ko lng, c dee parang ang bigat tingnan pg nglakad, c amelinkx umay ganda, c llegado kailangang nganga ng nganga ngpapaganda budol ang dating, c cortisi untidy daming tatoo… kaya sa akin si mcdonell, abandoned child but ngpakatatag sa sarili to survive… masaya pag cya koronahan..

  7. Fascinating! The Kalinga beauty starts to step up the game indigenous peoples find peculiar and perhaps unwinnable! In pageantry, I always have a soft spot for teachers and members of indigenous communities. In the spirit of inclusiveness and diversity which modern pageantry promotes, I find their participation an eloquent statement that beauty is not all physical but intellect and core values as well, the latter two attributes being the defining qualities of their humanity. Trailblazing the proverbial road less travelled by people of their kind, I find their participation a sign of moral strength.

    Way to go Ghen Latugat– uniquely beautiful!

  8. Lou is always “clean.”

    Pauline – the boots?

    I really hope that Julia appearing wide was just the angle.

    Love the freshness of Francheska (Roxas City). Talagang Megan Young sya sa akin!

    Vanessa Caro (Iloilo Province) is very well spoken. I don’t mind if she wins it all.

  9. Congratulations, Baguio! Genesis is a beauty!

    In that last group photo, mas malakas ang queenly aura ni Kat L kesa kay Celeste.

  10. Ay Bokya!… Not even one of “my favorites” made it to top 3 of Runway and fashion challenge. Anyare?

  11. tito @normant. why dont set this event kapag nakuha na nila ang Top 30. naiisip tuloy ng mga fans na lahat siguro sila ay official candidates na tapos with sash pa. some of them ay nung isang araw at kahapon lang dumating sa manila just to attend there. so ung iba nainvite din kahit wala sa manila. sana gawin na silang official candidates. kasi merong lumuwas pa just for this event. sayang pamasahe at pagod kung hinde makapasok sa top 28.
    kung e t trim pa talaga. what is the next challenge sir? tourism or casting video? or wala na po?

  12. Tito Norms, is it really final that MUP has 49 official candidates this year?

    Well, while my judgment is premature because I know these bunch of ladies have yet to transform, I’d say many of the girls are destined to be fillers. Only a few of them have stood out, especially Miss Ilocos Sur who literally out stood them because of her towering height. She looks pretty but I think she needs to boost her asset with a pageant-ready look.

    Alright, I have to pick ladies who stunned in their look from the set of groupies above:

    1. Pauline Amelinckx of Bohol. I just find it weird seeing her wear that pair of boots. But, her beautiful classic face is endearing.

    2. Sonja Jeyn Tanyag of Laguna. She’s neat and perfectly styled.

    3. Celeste Cortesi of Pasay and Katrina Llegado of Taguig.

    That’s all.

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