12 comments on “Welcome back, Miss Eco International 2022 Kathleen Paton!

  1. After the euphoria, what? By its name, this title carries an environment advocacy. Are there initiatives the pageant organization has planned to carry out its platform for 2022? The same question goes also for Miss Intercon and Miss Globe? I think the pageantry community deserves more social value from the titles bestowed to our outstanding brains-beauty-values queens.

  2. It would have been a third crown for the Philippines if Maureen Montagne took over the title in 2019

    • I wonder what you get from doing this. Does this make you feel good about yourself?

  3. Congratulations!!!

    Having won the crown already, I am torn in echoing the sentiments of some commenters on that really botched lips procedure. If you will zoom in the photos one can say it is not only ugly, it also looks painful. Until you also zoom in the lips of that…that….Arnold V and one can easily conclude where that ill advise procedure came from. Lol.

    It reminds me about the parable of the Emperor’s New Clothes — Behind all the adulation, someone should really speak out the truth : The Emperor has no clothes. That was one ugly, botched lips procedure.

    World Peace.

  4. If her veneers are smaller, she would have been so perfect. She’s giving me Iris and Oxana vibes in that hairstyle.

  5. congrats… maganda nmn talaga siya with the crown… kaya lng tingin ko mas maganda siya ng makita ko sa youtube yung interview niya ng manalo siya ng miss teen international… normal lips niya… ngayon kasi halata n meron something sa lips nya… bawas ganda..

  6. Goddess grabe. Overflowing sa ganda! If MWO cannot guarantee the crown, let her go directly to MUP.

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