14 comments on “The MUPH2022 Swimsuit Challenge Winners

  1. It’s a great top 3, and Norman called it right on the nose.

    The only thing that personally I find distasteful is the too-revealing, high cut swimsuits — like they came straight out of the 1990s. MUPH should align their swimsuits to Miss Universe standards — after all, that is the brand they’re aiming for.

  2. I stated in my previous comment on Norman’s article dated March 16.
    Llegado – my favorite shot
    Dee – my other favorite shot
    Wala lang natuwa lang po hehehhe

  3. Sir Norman got all three correct predictions this time.

    Why do people waste their time questioning the results of these challenges?

    Re-ordering the placements of the winners doesn’t make sense AT ALL.

  4. Ano say mo blogger sa construction worker issue pati na sa Filipina barbie issue?

    • Masyado na lang pinalaki ang issue, imo. The delegate from La Union didn’t mean any harm by saying that she eats like a construction worker. She simply has a healthy appetite for food. As for the Filipina Barbie talk on the delegate from San Pablo, Laguna, Shaira has been called like that even before the start of MUPH. If at any, I just feel iffy tagging her on FB with “Filipina Barbie” coming up as her name.

      • Fair enough. I can let go of the construction worker issue. But not the trying to appear black issue of the Filipina barbie.

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