11 comments on “Off to Mumbai, Miss Environment Philippines Michelle Arceo is

  1. Why did they choose a longer flight? They could have just booked her with Singapore Airlines or better yet Air India.

  2. Mumbai is almost halfway between Manila and Dubai. Since she took Emirates, she has to travel 8 hours to Dubai, passing by northern India airspace. In Dubai, she has to walk (or take an underground train) to the other end of the long terminal for her connecting flight. After a layover of at least 1 hour, travel again 4 hours back to Indian territory Mumbai. With such a long flight, I’m sure she will not exchange travel comfort for fashion. There is always a washroom in the plane to change attire.

  3. The outfit is unnecessary especially for traveling? Really who would wear that during a long flight???

  4. Sabi ng mga matatanda basta may tattoo sa katawan may dalang suwerte sa patimpalak.

  5. the outfit is just fine & uniquely stunning , but is this the first ever year for this pageant ? a lot of Miss Earth copycats out there , first it’s Egypt’s Eco and now this Dubai’s … glad that ME is a pioneer !

  6. She’s lovely. All the best for Miss Eco Philippines!

    Out of curiosity who is the representative for Miss Atmosphere Philippines ~aka~ Miss AtmosPhil?

  7. Kailan kaya ang Miss Climate International? And who is Ph’s bet? 😅

  8. Kaloka ang outfit! A fusion of saree and filipiana na nagmukhang galing kay eloy’s!!! Ang cheap!!!

  9. Beautiful face, horrendous attire.

    Ang alam ko, January ang Feast of Nazarene or Feast of Sto Nino. Lol. She looks hot. Literally. Ako naiinitan sa kanya. Lol.

    As Miranda Priestly would have said : Gamuza fabric for Summer in Mumbai? GROUNDBREAKING!

    Good Luck to our candidate to this another “environment, eco, earth” beauty pageant type.

    World Peace.

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