16 comments on “My Choices for the MUPH2022 Swimsuit Challenge

  1. Michelle Dee slayed this pictorial….she looks proportionately divine on her one piece pink swimsuit. Some looks questionable and down right tacky. That cortesi girl looks awful and slutty. Pauline’s green look ok but it’s not a good fit on her. Llego is not doing anything for me (just move on Latugat (or that girl has a very nice body…not facially striking but she could be a dark horse in this batch). Aklan hmmm, looks fresh but body wise is not ready.

  2. sabi ko na kasama talaga yan si MD sa listahan..after all, heiress lang naman sya ng legendary long leg-ged beauty queen icon…while most went the sports illustrated inspired route, which i find refreshing, MD went timeless vintage postcard pin-up churva. same may be said with isabel luche;s photo concept.. all n all, level up talaga photo shoots nila than the BBP usual taguan sa gubat kind of thing/

  3. Pauline , photoshop pa more, pinahaba at pinaslender., but budol on stage.
    Going FHM route na ba ang MUP ? nakakawala lang ng class.

  4. Yes yes and yes
    These are the top 5 with Michelle Dee at the top
    Like I said earlier, she has the most professional looking photo
    and like AW-L said, it’s Vogue wurdeeeyyy dahlin’

  5. I really commend Pauline’s physical transformation here. The photo made her long-er and lean-er. Along with her green swimsuit, sya ang una kong nakita. I read that she thanked John Cuay sa physique nya so I’m not going to be surprised if she’s even better (and maybe toner) by the pageant date.

    That being said, napuna ko lang na may konting “laman” sya sa video. If the pics have been photoshopped, what are we judging??? I understand that the segment is based on overall concept, how they projected, etc. but sana they left the pics untouched (again, if photoshopped).

    The hype on Michelle Dee?

  6. These four pageant veterans are considered the front runners. I have a feeling they will do a Michelle Gumabao and Katrina Dimaranan come finals night, and we’ll see another dark horse get crowned.

    • I am currently on vacay, so I was not able to catch up the latest pageant happenings.

      Firstly, congratulations Kathleen Paton! Hindi na ako nagtaka if you won Miss Eco International crown. You deserve it! You were my topmost favorite during the MWP pageant, gandang pang-MU ang beauty mo. Ikaw ang tipo na madalas kong sabihing “you need not to be actually tall, you should look tall”. Imagine, you are only 5’5″ and yet your body proportions say otherwise.

      Secondly, I did not expect Tracy Maureen Perez to snatch the Miss World crown. While she scored higher in MW fast track challenges, she is not the type Julia Morley would crown. Uulit-ulitin ko, hangga’t walang magpapataob sa ganda ni Megan Young, hindi natin mababawi ang MW crown. Megan set the bar high, such that a higher caliber must show JM she’s got what it takes to be the PH 2nd MW.

      Lastly, the swimsuit challenge has Michelle Dee the top prize, if there is any. It’s Vogue high-fashion worthy. Pauline comes close.

      That’s all.

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