8 comments on “A Gathering of Toledo Angels at the Tuscany

  1. Ang manufactured at patty beauty ni Diana Mackey hehe, anyways ganyan naman mga gusto ni Nawat so perfect yan for MGI

  2. Akala ko si Rabiya si Miss Everything !!! Nakakalokah
    Toledo Angel din si Rabiya

  3. Super Statuesque yung naka Black Bustier- top and colored Skirt sa top photo..Geeezz!!
    Hanggang ilong nya lang si Diana Mackey who stands 5’8″!..Is she Anna Valencia?
    Pls.Tito Norman,spare us some tidbits on this tall lady!!..How old is she? ..Why is she not scouted earlier? How can someone be soo tall ..and beautiful, be not scouted waay ahead?

    • She will be a Binibini this year. And yes, she is 5’10” Anna Valencia. She just arrived from Stuttgart, Germany last month.

  4. Kung maka emote naman yung nasa tabi ni Yasmien and Dr. Toledo (top pic)….dinaig ang mga beauty queens. It made my day!

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