20 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Swimsuit Challenge

  1. Nice editimg of Pauline’s body. We all know she has a Katarina Rodriguez like body not like that. Or nag pa bbl sya? 🤔 Celeste won this round maybe tie with Michelle.

  2. I also like Julia’s.

    Rabiya was kinda flat-chested, too, during the nationals but still won best in swimsuit against the likes of Alaiza Malinao.

    • Lol Tajaran was the best swimsuit for me. I don’t know why Rabiya won with that 16 year old like body of hers. Kaya nga nagpa breast augmentation kasi Jonas knows na hindi pwede ganung frame sa miss u.

  3. I like the photos of;
    Aklan. Beautiful face, her other hand is in a fist position though.
    Quezon Province

    The ladies seem to love with the one arm on top the head pose. Very 80s 😅

  4. Miss Universe Philippines 2022 is Pauline Amelinckx!!! ❤❤❤

  5. My top 5 in terms of having the Ms. Universe vibe:
    1. Malolos Bulacan
    2. Bulacan Province
    3. Quezon Province
    4. Pasay
    5. Taguig

  6. some standouts – amelinx, llegado, saubier, cortesi. .pd na isama sa list si michelle dee..

  7. Lakas ni Michelle Dee..iba ang ganda ni Julia dito..ang hot ng San Juan

  8. My favorites are Amelinckx, Dee, Cortesi. Very good din sina Llegado, Ms Palawan, and Ms San Pablo City.

    Luche (Mandaue City) is gorgeous but still doesn’t register as Miss Universe material to me. More on teen showbiz vibes pa rin. Less pa-tweetums, more sophistication pa.

  9. Michelle Dee’s seemingly forward lurch shortened her torso! Had she bent backwards a bit..or leaned to the right,she will have a more stretched Silhouette!!
    ..But alas!, her Long leggggs saved her day!! Blest are those who are well- endowed with such Never- ending gams!! She’s Lucky she got a Ms.International Mom, who is Long- legged herself!( No pun intended!)

    • I find it very professionally done and in fact she has the most professional looking photo

  10. The frontrunners have the best
    Dee – my other favorite shot
    Llegado – my favorite shot

    Lol at Mandaue hahhahaha

  11. Dy is the definition of voluptuous ; Cortesi exhudes hot sexiness ; Amelincx shows off training determination

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