21 comments on “Kathleen Paton is Miss Eco International 2022!

  1. Ang pinaka secret dyan kaya madalas tayo manalo sa mga maliliit na pageant ay dahil ang pageant na katulad nan ay nasa major pageant event. Like bbp and mwp. Both ay merong Major pageants ay dahil dyan more competetive ang lumalaban kaya ung ibang major competetive na girls ay napupunta sa ibang titles. That is the main reason why and that is the secret. Imagine kung stand alone ang Maliliit na international pageant sa pinas the calibre of our candidates/rep there is not much competetive na katulad na ng bbp/mup/mwp. Yan ang dahilan kaya bet ko na merong mga maliliit na pageants sa bbp at mwp. para makapag padala pa din tayo ng competetive rep ke minor pageant pa yan. hinde naman sila masasayang kung mala mu mapunta sa maliliit na pageant. at least they can represent still kahit hinde
    maajor makuha ni ganito ganire. training ground na din for the bigger pageant kapag may plano pa sumali sa mga sunod na taon. and mostly kasi ang ibang competetive kapag natalo sa national ayaw na umulit. nawalan na ng gana etc etc. kaya mas mabuti maka experience sila mag represent kahit sa minor.

  2. sobrang ganda naman ksi nya. congrats. bilib na ako sayo from the beginning. thanks for saving us from sadness sa MW hehe.

  3. This pageant just love the Philippines
    No surprise at all since we have been sending high caliber candidates these past years; caliber that is way above for such a minor pageant.

    • That’s because the Philippines has an oversupply of highly-trained world-class holistic beauties, while the pageantry world has an undersupply of search organizations. So palpable is our oversupply of high calibre candidates that we sometimes unfortunately succumb to the lure of fly-by-night pageant operators that spurt out in some dingy locations in the world. But on a positive note, our quality candidates help up the ante on some of the second-tier pageants.

  4. congrats queen kathleen beke pwede pahiram mo na mga stylist mo . ang gaganda ng outfit mo

  5. The crown was bigger than her head, it almost slipped .

    I was praying it won’t be similar to the Miss Earth USA crowning I saw in youtube.

    • Malayu-layo pa ang mararating mo sa pageantry. Good luck in the coming years (with BPP and MUP)! He, he, he…

  6. How could she not win at all?! She was obviously by far the prettiest, well-trained and most prepared contestant.. None of the other front runners could even stand a chance at all… She also performed very well from the beginning up to the end…the Q&A was like that’s it?! I wish they asked a harder question seriously?! Something that would showcase her chops that even higher tier pageant contestants could not fathom.. Anyway congratulations!

  7. Congratulations Kathleen for making our Friday rosier. She has been the choice of most vloggers/bloggers from day 1 so this was an affirmation to that. Beautiful and sweet girl indeed. With these types of girls winning recently, noting Miss Poland’s capturing the 70th Miss World crown yesterday, there seems to be a trend towards crowning facially superior ladies with reasonable speaking abilities in pageants again. If so, the penchant for traditional poster beauties of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s may resurge (finally giving in to noisy fan clamor). Let’s see how it pans out with the rest of the bigger competitions later this year – ME, MGI, MI and most especially, MU (even the MW 2022 edition if it pushes). Let’s see which one is the oddball to this trend. I hope the local organizers are taking notes.

  8. Congratulations for a job Well done. I saw it coming the moment she was crowned MEI-Phil.

  9. Congratulations Kathleen! When she came out in that yellow gown, it was “game over”. Her runner up was far-second.

    I have to eat humble pie for saying mean things about your lips. No one can argue with success. And you just did that. I apologise.

    World Peace.

    • Congratulations Kathleen! Your victory is also ours, except to those….

      By the way, here’s an excerpt from previous blog about Kathleen prior to her success. It’s not mine, I just copied and pasted here.

      “She looks like a duck. Kathleen Pato. She whose lips fillers ang paton(g)-paton(g).”

      • Dear SAdrienne,

        If ever you have half a brain and and at least an average comprehension, nowhere am I saying that I am taking back that statement : I still maintain that her lips procedure is botched.

        That’s my opinion and the judges disagree. The judges that matter already spoke and no one can argue with that anymore. She has the crown already.

        What I am apologizing for is that I have been proven wrong in terms of my view as to what comprises beautiful lips and what is not. And the way I said it : Kathleen PATO (some thought it was witty, though).

        “Let’s be gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory.”

        HAPPY??? Lol.

        World Peace.

    • @Thomas, i have to give it to you. You know when to admit that you need to eat humble pie. For that, you’re a winner in my book. Anyway, she was the runaway winner and no one could argue or question her victory. Cheers to Pinas!

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