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  1. tracy looked plain in her styling, hair and make up brought no recall… yung yaya ko a gay turned make up artist (did make up for chiqui brosas and tina monasterio during bb pilipinas) specified that she dolled up girls by working on their eyes and lips, and hair. kung titingnan mo yun ang meron si miss poland during the finals, dark yung eye shadows at ang buhok niya curly sa kanan at medyo wavy ang kaliwa. sharp ang dating … si tracy … ambot lang… and tracy’s gown walang wow factor… walang added value sa nag suot… kung suot niya yung gold gown ni paton baka di siya itapon at papasok sa top 6… si poland yung gown niya talagang meron concept at pinaghirapan 💪🏾🙏 kaya tapon c tracy, kabig c poland..

  2. If they wanted to help Ukraine, they should have Toni ‘CAN’T REALL’ SINGh sing The Prayer non-stop to drive the Russians insane. Given her performance, this is more plausible than the ridiculous notion that Julia and the MWO has gained anything by giving a crown to Poland. Folks, this is a pageant lol; you give way too much credit to Julia and to pageantry.

    If they wanted the new Polish Ms World to make a difference, give her a bazooka, a bullet proof vest and send her to the front-lines- if she ends up being a casualty, then there’s your big headline!

    Saying yet again that MW is an antiquated, corrupt Julia Morley-Donors-Friends-Club is beating a dead horse; but goddamn it, I will beat that dead horse again because I just wasted 3 hours of my life watching something that was beamed from the 70s.

    A live orchestra (barrio fiesta feels), an ancient host who I thought was gay until he mentioned his wife, and a final Q&A so in shambles it made Miss Globe look professional.

    But we’re not entirely blameless for leading ourselves again to this- we have to admit that we didn’t have any expectations of Tracy making the impact that she did until she started competing in the Head to Head challenges. And I guess she didn’t either which makes it all the more heart-breaking, because she ticked all the boxes to deserve a higher placement if not the crown itself. It’s an insult to her and to every other girl deserving of a higher placement by saying, that picking Poland was a good compromise- that doesn’t right the wrong at all!

    So again, it galls me that Julia and company could stand there on stage, fake candles in hand, paying tribute to Ukraine, rallying against violence and injustice when the organisation itself perpetuates an injustice year after year, choosing finalists and winners for their own agenda, rather than candidate merit.

    So it seems fitting that 2019’s winner, deluded that she can best Céline Dion, over-reached with a song she wasn’t qualified to sing. And instead of salvaging it by scaling it down, made it even worse by covering it up with a multitude of bad runs.

    And that in a nutshell really, is the MWO year after year after year ad nauseam.


  3. Julia didn’t want to included Tracy in the TOP 6 Q&A since she has the potential of giving the best answer thus ruining the cooking show of making Poland’s win flawless… I realized MWorg could earn Millions in Poland due to the current situation of Ukraine.. NATO members would surely give Top dollar for her Charitable works there because it is good publicity for NATO and would make Russia look bad to the rest of the World.

    • Yes madam. More fund raising or donation using the Ukrainian people. Marketing strategy.
      Huwag nyo Ng ibash Ang Indonesia KC kasalanan din nman ninyo at bash kayo Ng bash Kay Lola at di nyo sya pinagbigyan na maghost Ng MW🙃
      Kinikilingan nyo Kasi Ang MU kaya Hanggang MU lng kayo 😱😀 hihihihi

  4. Miss Poland is undoubtedly beautiful from the Western cultural lens. Having won none of the fast-track challenges maybe puzzling but not surprising as it is not unprecedented anymore at MW. She is the clear winner of MWO’s own Fast Track Challenge, the Brand Image Challenge. At this juncture that MW is bracing for a possible brand values erosion due to recents events mismanagement-related disasters, it needs a rallying point who can redeem the organization from a potential onslaught on its image. What a powerful image model Miss Poland will make in the light of the humanitarian crisis the Russian invasion inflicted in neighboring Ukraine. Having her as the face of MW is nothing but a stroke of genius: active involvement in humanitarian action in the evolving refugee crisis in Poland and other East European countries bordering Ukraine will highlight the “Beauty with a Purpose” message, so radiant that it will effectively foil any potential negative Public Relations fallout the recent crowning event debacle may bring.

    • And she can work with Miss Grand International, hand-in-hand to stop the war.

  5. Ang susunod na title ay, “Julia Morley-Miss World 2022″…so nararamdaman ko na ang Julia Morley-Miss World 2025 is Felepens!!! ❤❤❤

  6. The stars aligned with Poland, a beautiful representative and like everyone said, the geopolitical nature of the conflict with Russia and Ukraine COULD have been a factor as well.

    I think the top 3 deserves it but I was expecting Tracy to be in the top 6 at least.

    I am beginning to think that these fast tracks are just what they are- fast tracks. During coronation night, all bets are off (unless you win BWAP which happened to USA). Some of the favorites who have won MW and won some fast tracks like Megan are special cases.

    I hope they send a gorgeous face like Paton that fits the beauty that Lola Hulya is looking for in a winner. Sweet, delicate, and classic.

    • So what if… Kathleen was sent to MW instead? Sa palagay mo mananalo kaya siya? Sana pwede “repeaters” ano? 😀


  8. I thought it would at least be a runner up if not the crown for Tracy. Sigh.

  9. Congrats Miss Poland and kay Tracy!!! Klaro naman talaga na walang bearing ang fast-track events ni JM. Kung gusto manalo ng Ph sa MW damihan ang donations sa MWO. Bashers pasok!!! Charizzz!!!

  10. The winner is unquestionably beautiful 👏👏👏
    Congrats to Ms PH for making it into the semis.
    May cash prizes ba ang winners ng challenges?
    Pampabalubag loob man lang sana sa nagastos ng mga kandidata papunta balik ng Puerto Rico😅
    Kung walang premyo, wag na mag effort in the future.

  11. Todo explain yung paul. HAHAHAHA! Hopiang hopia sa di kagandahang si trixie. Ay tracy pla. Chaka ng taste kasi. Gumabao lang dyosa na sa kanya. Ahahahaha

  12. Poland is currently the homebase NATO military arsenal!

    Dun mangagaling ang mga missile to crash Russia!

    Waley pala talaga ang Challenges ni Tandang Hulya! Ang bet ng mga pageant admin sa IG is either India or Venezuela ang mananalo!

    Gorgeous ang winner! Poland now has 3 Miss International and 2 Miss World!

    On the other hand, din-declare na ni Zelensky na they are not going to join NATO or EU which is one of the pre-condition ni Putin to stop the war! Nagoyo rin siya ng mga Americano! Puro lip service ang nangyari! Ne walang NATO na sumuporta sa kanila! Buti pa ang Germany nagpadala ng mga weapons! Same thing na nangyari sa mga World War 2 Veterans na mga Pinoy na pinangakuan ng American Citizenship kung lalaban para sa mga Americano! Nabigay yung citizenship nung 70 years old na mga Veterans, na nuknukan na ng tanda para makapamuhay mag-isa much more makapag-viaje sa America! Kaya yang Mutual Defense Treaty ng Filipinas sa mga Americano, huwag masiado asahan! Kaya YES for military service for both male and female sa Filipinas! Para malaman na rin natin kung yung mga babaeng MATATARAY sa internet at ang mga lalaking SMARTASS sa internet eh matatapang ba talaga pag dating sa battlefield?

    Nga pala, Half-Pinay nas si Nikita McElroy ang rep ng USA sa Miss Mesoamerica! Charot!

    • Now, why don’t you drop to the ground & do 100 push-ups.


      Then you can come back & talk to us about mandatory military service. That is, if you don’t get a heart attack from your high cholesterol.

      Tita Harry, focus ka na lang on your senate run.

    • I totaly agree with you on all those things you mentioned… bit I’m confused Miss Claire… I still remeber our past discussion wheee we didnt meet eye to eye. You now want those things to happen and yet previously you are against the people pushing for it?… Same as you are not in favor of the US nowand their mutual agreement and yet you are rooting for their local political allies?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Pagpasensiyahan nyo na yang si Claire. Napagalitan kasi yan ng HS teacher niya sa physics, ayon dinamdam, natulala…Achiever kasi yan since elementary kaya pagpasensiyahan nyo na.

    • @claire. NATO is supporting Ukraine. Member countries of NATO are giving Ukraine weapons and financial assistance. They are also sanctioning Russia. Member countries of NATO cannot fight side by side with Ukraine against Russia because Ukraine is not yet a part of NATO. NATO are doing very calculated actions in order not to complicate the situation, otherwise, it will result to World war 3.

    • Syunga syunga din yang pres. ng ukraine Gusto automatic myembro, Ano yan ang pirma sa log book…At dapat noon pa magpa member…buti nga tumulong pa din kahit papano ang kapitbahay..Tama lang ang desisyon ng NATO maki alam pa sila baka magkawasak wasak ang mundo sa walang malaking dahilan. May saltik sa utak yang si pututin baka ma hyper yan at magpakawala ng bulalakaw oras makijoin ang nato sa girahan doon di Ba?

  13. Miss World gets a crown and an armchair to sit on, but no flowers? Hadn’t noticed that before.

    Indonesia as Queen of Asia over India, Philippines, and Malaysia, is also surprising to me. Her gown was interesting though.

    In the past, every time India won Universe, they also won World. I can understand Poland’s win given the current circumstances in Europe, but I would’ve probably replaced USA with India in the first princess position.

    Congratulations to Tracy for representing us so well–and her styling team for their flawless work. They really understood the assignment!

    Given how seemingly chaotic the MWP finals was, I wasn’t expecting much from the organization. But MWP really put in the work to bring out the best in our representative. So, congratulations to the organization as well!

  14. After 32 years of waiting patiently, Poland captured the second crown of Miss World. It was Aneta Kręglicka of Poland who won the crown in 1989.

  15. Congratulations Miss Poland, what a stunner!

    I find Miss Poland absolutely beautiful , but it left me wondering because here are Miss Poland’s placements in Miss World’s Challenge Events:

    Beauty with a Purpose = NONE
    Multimedia = NONE
    Top Model = Top 13
    Designer Dress = NONE
    Sports = NONE
    Talent = NONE
    Head to Head Challenge Round 1 = 4th place as “judges’ pick” (Julia’s LOL)
    Head to Head Challenge Round 2 = NONE

    Which just goes to show that these so-called “challenge events” are close to being a farce and count for nothing when comes time for Miss Morley to pick the winner of her choice.

    I feel bad for the candidates who worked really hard to compete at these events and had their hopes up — only to get slapped in the face at the end.

    • If this 22-year old Poland beauty happens to join MU in the next few years, she can win Poland’s first MU crown !

      The runners up are not up to par… I wish Pinas was among the court, she deserves higher placement; as you said Tracy has done an excellent excellent pre-pageant job !

    • True…wala nman bearing yang mga fast track na yan…basta bet ka ni hulya win ka kahit di kn mag effort sa mga fast tracks

  16. The Ukrainian refugees in Poland notwithstanding, you cannot deny that Miss Poland is beautiful and fits the banner of Miss World very well. She deserves the crown. Don’t let international geopolitics blind you.

    • @Bimby. I have no problem in the selection of winners. They are deserving. If I were in the shoes of Mrs Morley, I will really make a conscious effort in insisting Poland to be the winner during the deliberation process, given the current situation. The future collaboration of JM, Miss Poland, and Miss USA in helping the Ukrainian refugees in Poland will be easier. This will make the organization more relevant and its humanitarian activities in war-torn eastern Europe more timely.

  17. congratulations to Miss Poland. She is very pretty.
    I agree with Paul. JM probably had the upper hand in selecting the winners. MW is based in Great Britain and with Poland and USA as MW and first runner up respectively, they will have easy collaboration in assisting and helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland.
    Congratulations also goes to Tracy for reaching that far in the competetion.

  18. Among the top 6, only the winner Poland and Ivory Coast deserved to be there.

  19. I hope Ukraine still is able to join MU2022 in Nov/Dec , & I hope they give the MU crown to her !

    If it is not Ukraine , I do not mind if it will be Great Britain ( it’s about time ! ) , or better yet Pinas !

  20. Congratulations to Ms. BIELAWSKA for being Ms. World.

    As usual, Ms. Philippines, BIELE-WALA-KA! Lol.

    My prophecy, fulfilled:

    Tracy = Trieze = 13
    Perez = Perished.

    Tracy Perez perished at 13th. Lol.

    World Peace.

  21. Magaling sa marketing strategy si JM. First assignment ni Miss Poland as MW is to welcome and assist the refugees getting to Poland. Highlight kaagad sa MW.

    • Flor/Edible Flower tama ang kutob ko na makakapasok si Poland sa winners’ circle.

    • JM and associates have mastered geopolitics. They had done “political decisions” in choosing a winner many times, most notably in 1970, 1973, 1993, 2012, and 2019. And this year once again… He, he, he… Ganun talaga ang MW.

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