26 comments on “Tracy Maureen Perez: Time to bloom

  1. Let us be humble to accept our defeat and the result and It’s time to move on. Start looking for the best representative for Miss World 2022 .

  2. Tama ang kutob ko na makakapasok si Poland. She is very pretty and type talaga ni JM beauty niya. He, he, he…

  3. Miss Poland was favored because of the War in Ukraine…hence Tracy was excluded from the Top 6 because Julia and MWorg knows that she is smart enough to potentialy offset their ideal results if she’s included in the TOP 6 Q&A… And Julia also knows that the next possible Philippine president(based on surveys) could potentialy be a huge threat to the Western Economy hence she wouldn’t want MW to give us an opportunity to highlight our country the Philippines by hosting it.

  4. MIss World 2021 Poland
    First Runner-up USA
    Second Runner-up Côte d’Ivoire

  5. Congrats to Ms Poland. Facially very beautiful. May hawig siya kay Tracy. Para silang magpinsan.

  6. Kawawa naman si Tony Singh, gamit na gamit para makatipid ang MWO sa pagkuha ng artist to entertain audience. Nagkalat siya actually.

  7. No Top 6 for Tracy. Thank you, Tracy and congrats for making it this far.

  8. MIss World 2021 Top 13

    Northern Island
    Czech Republic
    Côte d’Ivoire

  9. At naligwak yung ibang front runners like Ivory Coast, Venezuela and S. Africa bid farewell. Ph in top 12

  10. Top 3 or winner 🏆 for me c Tracy. I wish her the best. Wala bang activities b4 coronation day. In just few hours makoronahan na Ang 2nd MW crown Ng Philippines👑👸🤴

  11. Good Luck Tracy!

    Deserving of the crown. One of the few recent queens we can truly say that is giving her 101% to this competition.

    World Peace.

  12. Gorgeous! Beautiful inside and out! She is in it to win it and without a single doubt, she is truly the most deserving to win the BLUE CROWN..

    Tracy Maureen Perez is MISS WORLD 2022

  13. May the good Lord bless your quest for the blue crown, Tracy! You have the personality, values and skills to be the image model of MW in this precarious period the world has been pressed down in general, and MWO brand has been thrust into in particular.

  14. Tracy deserves “the” crown. She is always on point; classy when she needs to be and playful/colorful when the occasion calls for it. I can feel that she’s also a genuinely good person.

    This is still a competition so good luck to her!

    • Yep it is still a competition but I am rooting for you! May God grant you this journey.

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