7 comments on “The MUPH2022 Introduction Video Challenge Winners

  1. hakot award si Polen last time balita ko betsina ng mga sponsor until now

  2. Waste of time. Alam naman nating kung sino betchina ni Evil Mama, yun ang wagi.

  3. Shairah Diaz can not sing?!.. Not being able to dance is forgivable.. but a Filipino who can’t sing?! Oh that is dreadful! I pinoy who can barely carry a tune is like an odd one out of a hundred… You have to be a person with disability if you are a Pinoy who can’t sing.🙄

  4. Congratulations.
    Pauline is the best speaker among this year’s MUPH candidates.

  5. MUP just wanted to sprrrread- out the Special Challenge Awards so we won’t know who’s the obvious Winner…Expect the upcoming award Challeges to be sprrrread- out on another set of ladies!!

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