14 comments on “Can’t take my eyes off Kathleen Paton


    that win was a very Easy win!!!…
    She obviously performed the best and her competitors were sooooo far behind.. Kathleen mastered all aspects of the competition upto the final Q&A.. Some of the finalists can’t even walk nice my god!?!

    Anyway, Kathleen has proven that she is very desserving of a higher tier crown.

    • Tama ang kutob ko na makakapasok si Poland. She is very pretty and type talaga ni JM beauty niya. He, he, he…

  2. Miss world 🌍 na. Top 12 c Tracy at sinabitahe Ang interview after her top 12 announcement. Ayaw ba ni Lola or gusto Nya c Tracy hihihihi 👸🏆🤴

  3. Good luck Kathleen!


    I said it before and I’ll say it again, do not mess with an already beautiful face. Someone should really tell the handlers and the ladies themselves…. Unnatural looking lip fillers are ugly. It is so obviously done and it looks painful. I think it ruined her face. Anyone who will say that those are her natural lips is lying, in denial, or the handler of Kathleen. Lol.

    She looks like a duck. Kathleen Pato. She whose lips fillers ang paton(g)-paton(g).

    World Peace.

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