18 comments on “Tracy Maureen Perez returns to Puerto Rico

  1. I know a lot of you guys are gonna hate me for saying this, and assuming the cooking show factor was about the same for the 2 pageants, I actually find Miss Grand International more entertaining to watch than this overly long, dragged out, pompous pageant.

  2. With all the Public Relations fallout hounding the twice-postponed crowning event, and its potential adverse impact on MWO’s business, it is almost a foregone conclusion that the foremost criteria for this year’s winner is the capability to effectively “walk the talk” on “Beauty with a Purpose” and to proactively project a positive imagery for the beleaguered organization. It means that the eventual winner should possess the personality and skill to be a rallying point to pageantry’s global audiences, institutional partners, and corporate sponsors. It would help if the winner comes from the country with the highest political economy rating per MWO’s calculation. Is it going to be Tracy? We are hopeful that Tracy will be able to navigate through the yet misty waters of this crowning event and return bringing the blue crown once again to a grateful nation.

    • Panis na MW sa Pinas. Only an India like wins in the 1990s might change our corrupt perception (and justifiably so) of MW.

  3. She is indeed the best speaker we have sent to Miss World in the last decade… Beautifull & very Inspiring…

    Tracy Maureen Perez is Miss World!🥰🥰🥰

    • Obviously, it is Catriona. But of course, #AhasAndKweens in the house.

      • oh I forgot about Catriona joining Miss World before winning Miss Universe.. Sorry bout that.

        But for someone who was born and raised in the Philippines and having English as her 3rd language to learn and master… Tracy IMO did a more amazing feat than Catriona who had English as her 1st language. Thats just my opinion.

  4. I’m just so impressed by the grit and poise of this girl.

    How after so many setbacks, she still remains in great form and spirit.

    JM, your Miss World is here! 🇵🇭

    Give her the crown she deserves.

  5. Good luck Tracy, praying for a top 3 if not the crown for you.

    Julia would be soooooo dumb to not crown someone from a pageant loving country like the Philippines so we can bring some positive energy and support in her organization is currently facing plenty of negativity.

  6. For Sure World War two ang mga Backlash pag na LotLot ang beauty ni Ateng!
    Hayyyy Mamang Hulya Babala!!!!

  7. It’s pitiful …

    I hope at the end of all these , she wins 2nd MW Pinas !

  8. Kudos to the designer of this ensemble and to Maureen who carried it with class and sophistication.

  9. I love this look on her! The pearls are meticulously placed on the garment, unlike what Rabiya wore during her departure.

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