4 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2022: What makes a woman uniquely beautiful? (Part 5)

  1. A Woman can be Uniquely Beautiful even if she chooses to show- up even on Side angles!!.. and don’t you dare Zoom unto her Nose coz you’ll get Ass- kicked to smithereens! ADIEU!! To you & you..& you!!

  2. What makes a woman uniquely beautiful? The answer of everyone boils down to one common theme: humanity. In other words, seeing a person’s humanity is seeing the beauty in that person. Beauty goes to the very soulfulness of a person: remember when every time your mother’s face flashes in your mind, you see one of the most beautiful creatures in the world—not because of her physical features but because you know her heart and soul!

    But technology nowadays has put the power to define beauty in the hands of the people. Mobile phones with apps that come with filters, plastic surgery clinics, healthy nutrition sources, and fitness and wellness salons, all have allowed people greater control of their image. Yet the same technology shows women the door to commodification, not uniqueness.

    Summarizing all the videos presented, I see that beauty is about respect and value and the right to exist without having to alter who one fundamentally is. That’s what it takes to be uniquely beautiful.

      • What it all boils down to is: to be uniquely beautiful is to be differentiated from another. Technology now has the power to manufacture a look that places everyone on the same mould: a slender build but with a generous bosom and a narrow waist, high cheekbones, well-defined jawline, angular nose, full lips, large blue eyes, long flowing hair, and whiter skin. What sets a woman apart from the rest is her humanity. If that humanity is tempered by admirable core values and superior intellect, she certainly will stand out of the clutter.

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