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  1. Why would you say that we are poor?! The term poor is highly subjective.. The Philippines is a rich country…. We are rich in natural resources… We are rich in beautiful Tourist destinations… We are rich in arts, culture and tradition… We are rich in family values… She may consider the Filipino masses as financial challenged because of the system created by our colonizers & oligarchs that kept the rich richer and poor poorer but why would you highlight that in your opening speech?! This is what I don’t like about girls who grew up abroad… They were raised into the perpetual thinking that the Philippines is riddled with poverty and sufferings but in truth we were molded to think that we lacked opportunities which is the total opposite of reality. The Chinese migrants for example came to our country pennyless and yet they were able to adapt and enrich themselves through the opportunities that our country gave them.. which proves that poverty is a state of mind.🙄

    • This is a reply to Paquita X not to Kathleen..

      I now know Kathleen was raised in Boracay…
      and she never said we are poor . She said we are regularly hit by Typhoons at an average of 20 per year…

      Tito Norman, please feel free to delete my original comment… I got caught by Paquita X’s red herring…

  2. The Philippines is very POOR, yan ang sabi niya sa kanyang introduction speech during the Sashing Event!

  3. Ganda! I hope she gets a chance to compete on a bigger stage. Miss Universe, perhaps?

  4. PLEASE don’t give FALSE HOPES to ugly pageant contestants by saying they are uniquely beautiful.

    Maayong hapon sa tanan.

    • You are cracking up , Paul. Lol!
      Lou Picson is gorgeous especially when she speaks!

  5. What kind of monster declares another human being unattractive? To do so is to virtually dismiss that person as worthless. I’m sorry but such thoughts and ideas do not have a place in a civilized community dedicated to the celebration of beauty and humanity!

  6. Norman mabuti pa mag-post ka na ng tungkol sa updates ng MW sa Puerto Rico and on Tracy Maureen Perez. Si Adam meron na. Forget muna ang boring uniquely beautiful ng MUP.

    Maraming Salamat.

      • Norman (your) pageant fans & commenters are NOT so interested with your “uniquely beautiful” blog posts.

        I think the reason is that many people (more than 2) think & feel that “uniquely beautiful” is more or less synonymous to PANGIT.

        Parang pinangungunahan na ng MUP na they are going to crown another UNCONVENTIONAL titleholder. The first one was emotionally immature. The second one was a tiburciah with bland personality. So ano ngayon – babaeng lumilipad sa kalawakan? He, he, he…

        Tigilan na ang uniquely beautiful. And back to a winner with gorgeous face, radiant personality, nice attitude, and excellent communication skills.

        Magandang umaga sa lahat.

      • Totoo Norman. Why? Is MUP interested in crowning an ugly girl like Lou Piczon?

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