4 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2022: What makes a woman uniquely beautiful? (Part 3)

  1. My top 3 remains:

    Michelle Dee -Crown
    Celeste Cortesi and Pauline Amelincx fight for 2nd and 3rd

    Julia Saubier , very disappointing , drops out of my top 5

    *If Great Britain only reached top 16 in MU2021 , they might win it all in MU2022
    There are a couple of candidates for Miss Great Britain Universe 2022 who had great success in prior Miss World and Miss International. If either one of them wins, then Great Britain might finally win MU !

  2. Jeanne of Davao del Norte sounds so youthful and amiable. One of the best for me.

    This one can surprise.

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