5 comments on “How to handle difficult interview questions by Catriona Gray

  1. Just like any former beauty queen, Cat’s post-reign life is an interesting journey to remain inspirational and relevant. Her support of some pro-people issues, at the risk of being red-tagged, earned my respect at such display of moral strength. From someone who people look up to, such gesture mirrored what the world today has come to equate beauty with– humanity– e.g., not seeing beauty in another person is being blind to that person’s humanity. In the context of Cat’s self-confessed fear of “not measuring up”, her choice of communicating with the unabashedly American (or Australian?) twang in her video releases reflects a conscious effort to target the global audience. Nothing wrong with that: the medium is the message, as the saying goes. But if she really wants to be a performer as she avowed, and wants to take off from the solid groundswell of millions of Filipino supporters, she has to also attempt to be linguistically relatable to her kababayans.

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