8 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2022: What makes a woman uniquely beautiful? (Part 2)

  1. All the ladies (including featured in Batch 1) are beautiful, rather, uniquely beautiful. The Philippines indeed is blessed with diverse types of beauty that we can all be proud of. An embarrassment of riches.

    In analyzing the short videos on “what makes a woman uniquely beautiful” (side: reminds me so much of those Dove Commercials. Lol), I didn’t give much importance to the CONTENT. I am pretty sure that the words were rehearsed, edited and even maybe even created to death not only by the ladies themselves but by their coaches as well. All the answers therefore are “right answers. Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice”.

    In judging the short videos, I still focused on the following:
    Beauty of the face
    Naturalness in speaking
    Articulation of words
    Facial Expression, In short,

    I ask myself: Do I want to see and hear this woman talk for more than a few seconds? Will I not be on tenterhooks if I imagine them being interviewed by Steve Harvey?

    The following are stand outs for me.

    Batch 2:

    Batch 1:

    World Peace.

  2. My personal favorites from this group are Korinihona, Awatin & Chiesa.

    I loved how Korinihona made her answer personal, basing it on her life experiences. And while Chiesa’s answer was marked by brevity, it was impactful to me. Awatin’s answer was also a standout to me, although I think she can perhaps still summon more conviction in her delivery.

    But overall a lot of very thoughtful answers.

  3. Ang daming pa hanash, but sa isang campo karne rin din naman mapupunta ang korona!!!

  4. Based on the content and manner of delivery: I go for Korinihona and Braza

  5. TBH, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia would already cheer to have candidates as good as the average speakers among our MUPH contestants.

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