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  1. I think MUP’s annual change of theme goes with its vision to be more relatable, inclusive and impactful in the world of pageantry. Refreshing din sa org na taun-taon may theme sila na isinusulong at hindi ‘yung Phenomenal Woman na lang perennially para walang “umay” factor.

    Ang challenge sa Org now that we are nearly back to the old normal ay ang mag-stage ng bonggang coronation night na festive at energetic ang feel, gaya ng mga nakagawian na nating coronation ng Binibining Pilipinas.

    Ngayong sa MOA gaganapin ang final’s night, sana ibigay ng Org ang gabi para sa mga pageant fans. Sana hindi lang ito maging beauty contest, it shall be a SHOW. Magandang Opening Number, excellent pageant hosts with commentators on the side (I think Katrina Dimaranan can do justice on this job), tapos ‘yung National Costume ay hindi limited sa iisang theme. It shall be a representation of regional culture which is unique (magamit lang ang theme) to each region or province every candidate is representing.

    Tapos ibigay din ang gusto ng mga bakleurs na mahabang runway at mataas na LED background. Then sa evening gown, why not allow out-of-the-box avant garde designs ng mga local designers pero pageant worthy pa rin.

    That’s all.

    • Daming palusot pag Mama J or Ahas and Kweens ang concern. Todo rationalize at pagtatanggol. Pero kay Cat, nit-picking. Reeeeeks of bias amp.

  2. On BPCI lasting for “almost 60 years without taglines”: that’s true because it faced the Boomers market. Today’s market landscape has drastically changed, with the dominance of Millenials and GenZ’ers who tend to align their brand preferences and spending choices with their values. Most local and international pageantry brands are now into the advocacy-centric mode. That should be a compelling reason for BPCI to join the bandwagon, aside from the fact that among the Philippine pageant organizations, it has the sole bragging rights to be advocacy-driven due to its “charitable corporation” business structure.

    • Daming palusot pag Mama J or Ahas and Kweens ang concern. Todo rationalize at pagtatanggol. Pero pag BBP, nit-picking. Reeeeeks of bias amp.

  3. Pauto na naman kayo sa ORG na mahilig magsugal. Sa org na bias at operates on favor2x and connections. Pera2x na lang ang activities. Not fiscally responsible. Most importantly, puro slogans and kulang sa actions. Ka-cheapan.

  4. Whatever their tagline doesn’t matter to me for as long as they will produce result,

    Bea was able to fulfill her obligation as MUP titleholder,

    I am satisfied with how she performed at MU and how she handled gracefully the social media platform. That only means na kilala na niya yung sarili niya when she joined MUP which is yun ang pinaka-importanteng aspeto para sa isang candidata!

    For Rabiya, she just need to get out of her comfort zone! Malayo pa mararating niya!

    I hope Bea will enter showbiz, bagay sa kanya yung role na ala “The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant” kung magkaron man ng Philippine adaptation nun! Otherwise, bata pa naman siya, she can still become a lawyer!

  5. Binibining Pilipinas survived GLORIOUSLY for almost 60 years without these tag lines, org slogans & the like. Simply Binibining Pilipinas.

    Wala nang daming kaek-ekan.

    Mabuti pa ang tag line/chant ni Gordon very funny & effective – “Ipasok, Ipasok, Ipasok si Dick!”

  6. It’s an honor to be mistaken to be Voltaire Tayag. No, I am not the multi-awarded journalist. I can write about branding elements because I am involved in that area of marketing in my work as an expat.

  7. Obviously, the “Uniquely beautiful” is MUPH’s marketing campaign for 2022. Encapsulated in three slogans, it focuses on different aspects of its product or service, which reinforces the brand image conveyed by the tagline “Phenomenal Woman”. It is easy to see the professional imprint in this move.

    Companies create taglines in the early stages of brand strategy development. Slogans, however, evolve when companies run marketing campaigns, the tagline remaining unchanged. Slogans convey the company’s mission, while taglines paint an image of the brand. A slogan is more advertising focused, and a tagline is more public relations focused. This implies that slogans are used to sell an item while taglines raise awareness about the brand. In other words, taglines are timeless and rarely change. Being tactical, slogans can vary when companies want to focus on a new theme or idea.

    • But for MUPH the brand imagery remains the same: confidently beautiful empowered woman. It is obvious that this year’s “Uniquely beautiful” marketing slogan bolsters its brand imagery. It is easy to see through this initiative MUP’s ultimate target: the huge global Millennial and Gen Z markets whose concept of beauty is “Be You”.

      • Classic bland tagline: Nike’s “Just do it”
        Some slogans used in its past marketing campaigns: “Dream with us”, “Your only limit is you”, “Find your greatness”, “Will to win”, “Rise Run Rest Repeat”, “Hoop it up”, etcetera, etcetera

  8. Pinalitan na ng MUP yung “pageant theme or org slogan” dahil yung first two winners nila hindi naman phenomenal katulad nina Cat at Pia. The first one is emotionally immature who underwent a lot of physical enhancements. The second one has a bland personality and very ordinary looking (as in maraming kamukhang saleslady sa mga Gaisano department stores sa Visayas at Mindanao). Sina Neneng Iyakin ng Iloilo at Tiburciah ng Cebu. He, he, he…

    • Apostle Paul,

      Here you go again with your bitterness. Lol. Remember dear that “you will get more flies with honey than vinegar”. There are ways of saying things instead of bashing Rabiya and Bea and still put across the same message.

      For me, I am particularly disappointed the past years how the MUP organization SEEMS to be managed by amateurs with their trials and errors.

      Diana is right, “Phenomenal Woman” sounds so…… pretentious and self-aggrandizing. Almost self-pleasuring themselves. Lol. Meryl Streep IS a phenomenal woman. A 23-year old ASPIRING beauty queen is NOT.

      However, changing it to a very uncreative, uninspired “UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL” tag is also a disaster. What are they looking for? Tatlo mata? Lol. And the “three pillars” are just laughable. 4M’s comment about “putting into disadvantage some girls” is valid.

      1. Would a naturally beautiful woman who would require only very minor transformation fail on the “uniquely beautiful transformation” criterion?

      2. Would a deserving candidate coming from say a very ordinary background / “roots” (ex. An ordinary college student from Pasay who went to a QC university, with no compelling story at all be at a disadvantage because she has no “Uniquely Beautiful Roots?” [vs. a self-made daughter of a weaver from South Cotabato who had to walk two kilometers per day barefoot to attend elementary school].

      And believe me, mauubusan kayo ng adjectives at magiging OA when you try to reduce each winner with their “distinctive stories” (like the way you describe the past two winners).

      1. Rabiya : Uniquely Inspiring Queen
      2. Bea : Uniquely Unbothered Queen
      3. XXX. :
      4. XXX. :
      5. XXX. :
      6. XXXX : Uniquely Three-eyed Queen. Lol.

      World Peace.

  9. Yes they changed it. There’s something about “phenomenal women” na sounds self gratifying for me. It’s very objective. Phenomenal is such a big word. Phenomenal women are Merryl Streep, Cher, etc not just any other beauty pageant aspirant.

  10. I wonder what’s the motivation behind the new theme. Okay na yung “Phenomenal Woman” eh. Having a new theme when the old one is just barely sticking with the audience is a risky move.

    Also “Phenomenal Woman” >>> “Uniquely Beautiful”. The word “phenomenal” just matches better with the Miss Universe. “Uniquely Beautiful” sounds like a Dove tagline.

  11. In as much as I love trying to stay relevant and creative, I feel that these theme changes could hurt the chances of some of the candidates!!! Just my two cents.

  12. Beautiful photo of Rabiya and Bea.

    Having said that, my first reaction to this post is irritation.

    Ano na naman yan? Introducing yet another theme to a a barely three year old brand which is still trying to carve out a name is simply confusing your market.

    Any brand marketing person worth his salt should know the importance of sticking to you unique selling proposition. Especially at the start of the product life cycle when you are still trying to hype whatever brand equity you want to put across. I know, I know, the tagline “Phenomenal Woman” has been laughable from the get-go, but now meron na namang bagong tag line na “Uniquely Beautiful?” Come on. You guys are showing how amateurish you have been the past three years. What will it be next year? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Woman? Lol.

    World Peace.

    • As if may di ka like sa anything MUP and Mama J. Bias amp. Todo rationalize sa mga kamalian pero sa BBP and kay Cat, nitpicking. Where’s the integrity?? Hahahahaha.

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