27 comments on “Fuschia Anne Ravena wins Miss International Queen Philippines 2022

  1. Requirement po ba na operada na down under ang ghourl bago makasali sa pageant na ito?

    Lahat po ba silang mga shundidets eh, lawit-free na?

    Nagtatanong lang po.

  2. Now that she already won, looking back at Fuschia’s arrival photo. She’s really stunning!

    Best of luck to Pattaya!

  3. I did not watch Miss International Queen Philippines’ entire coronation proceeding, but basing on the snapshots alone, the winner’s facial beauty makes her deserving of the title. Ang ganda n’ya talaga.

    This leads me to think that if transwomen insist their desire to join a beauty pageant for girls, great injustice would then ensue precisely because many girls would be outshadowed by their stunning beauty.

    Thankfully, Miss International Queen Philippines is there championing transwomen’s flamboyance and has become a proper venue for them to battle fair and square whatever is in store in them.

    Sana manalo si Fuschia sa Pattaya. Pero parang it’s gonna be a bloodbath between her and Vietnam in that pageant. Wish her best of luck.

    That’s all.

  4. From Day 1, I was focused on Patricia Lorenzo of Manila. She was the most feminine and most delicate looking of the bunch. Happy she got a very high placement. Delighted with the results especially when somebody comes out from nowhere to trump the heavy faves. Everyone loves an underdog.

  5. Not so great comm skills
    So she will not win her international pageant

  6. Hope she deserved it and not just because she was from Cebu
    Nose from the top pic looks horrible
    But the bottom pics are good

  7. Buti naman at bagong mukha ang nanalo, di yung mga laman na lang lagi ng pageant sa mga tv or sa mga bara barangay

  8. Love it when a candidate out of nowhere gets to blindside those touted to be as front runners.

    Congratulations Fuchs… Fuci..Fush….Red na lang nga! Lol.

    World Peace.

      • Were you one of the judges, Sir Norm?

        My bet was 1st RU. Congratulations to the winner!

        She looks very unassuming. Very beautiful!

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