7 comments on “Off to Egypt, Kathleen Paton is!

  1. What is wrong with this photo? Mali ang pagtaas ng watawat. So as a quick fix, they’ve just mirror-flipped the image before the upload, which is such a BAD IDEA. Look at the flag on the luggages and also her sash. Could you recognize and read them?

    PS. Suggestion lang po sa photographer next time, please don’t just take pictures in the right angle. Kindly consider the accuracy of the details. Always follow the rule: Substance over form, better yet BOTH SUBSTANCE and FORM. Thank you.

  2. I think stylist deserves a kudos. He managed to make kathleen look lean and long

  3. Good Luck Kathleen. Lovely.

    I just hope the obvious and horrendous botched lip fillers would have normalized or subsided already by the time she arrives in Egypt.

    Dear handlers, please don’t mess with an already beautiful face and stop projecting your idea of exaggerated, unnatural fantasies on the girls.

    World Peace.

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