12 comments on “Miss World Philippines Organization eyes three-peat wins; Launches revitalized brand campaign

  1. sana lang palitan nyo na yung tagline na…fresh filipino to the world parang nilalako nyo ang mga Pilipina….please lang….angcheapness

  2. A belated follow-up to my post yesterday, for the reading pleasure of my loyal thumb-downers:

    It is a welcome development that MWP “launches a revitalized brand campaign”. It indicates that MWP now aligns with the observation about a growing global initiative to tap the advocacy-driven brand preferences of the huge Millenial and Gen Z markets! As I wrote in an earlier-this-year post, various researches worldwide confirm that these market segments tend to align spending and career choices with their values, thus increasing political involvement and driving change on societal issues that matter most to them. Expectedly, they prefer institutions and brands that advocate messages that are aligned with their values.

    The choice of MWP’s branding message is quite daring: “Exceptionally Empowered Filipina”. I hope through the various pre-pageant activities, MWP is able to articulate what its concept is of an “exceptionally empowered” woman. Where does the empowerment come mostly from? Physical assets? Intellect? Core values?

    • While I am on this subject, I hope Tracy is able to project this “exceptionally empowered Filipina” on the MW stage this month. I strongly suspect MWO is looking for a formidable spokesperson that can be its face in the midst of a possible brand erosion due to the last-minute postponement of its crowning event.

    • I just took a bath and early breakfast and my loyal stalking thumbs-downers are quick to perch out of their troll farm crypts to deliriously cast their reaction to my post. What a Sunday morning en-route to my weekly church service!

  3. I wish them luck. I believe they will perform well in the competetions.

  4. From “Fresh Filipinas to the World” to “Exceptionally Empowered Filipina”. I wonder what are the elements of this “revitalized brand campaign”. Branding is supposed to make one distinctly differentiated from another. What perceptual image will set it apart from “Phenomenal Woman” and “Earth Warriors”?

  5. Expecting all of them to do very well!

    Not too obvious here but there are pics of Kathleen that show her overdone lip filler/enhancement. Nakakapanghinayang lang because I think she was already gorgeous even before. ‘Still a crown for her, though.

    • I agree. Even without the enhancements, she’s already super gorgeous! Her face stiffened a bit. Still love her though.

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