24 comments on “Roberta Tamondong: Binibini-ready

  1. The girl is super
    pretty even without enhancements!
    Good move kasi masasayang lang siya sa MUP.

    • Looks to me like she had some enhancements done. Nothing wrong, though.

      • Pero she is pretty admittedly prior to the surgery, unlike for instance Yvette Santiago who looks like Fiona pre nose job or rogelie catacutan 🥴🥴🥴

  2. i like roberta tamondong coz she is tall , young and beautiful sana she will get a good formula to stand out. she reminds me of april short who cut her hair short

  3. Tamondong, Mackey, Basiano, Mendoza…top tier

    If they will not crown Miss International, considering Hannah Arnold hasn’t competed, who will be out?

    Falconer?, Chelsea Fernandez?, Taruc?, G Lehmann?…the maybes

    • Roberta’s family has not just decades of GOOD Karma and Fortune but CENTURIES!… Regardless of whatever hullabaloo that could potentialy happen due to some twist or test of fate.. This girl would surely endure against the evil eye and rise to the top unscathed.

  4. Another Don Bartolome Maghayon descendant just like Catriona Grey… and also a Maharlika Warrior descendant. Greatness is in her blood ..

    I see our FUTURE Miss Universe!😍😍😍

  5. Roberta , after dominating Bb this year ( as I know you will ), please gear up , prepare to battle it out in MUP after a couple of years or so from now … !

  6. I saw her post in Facebook when she was training with KF 6 years ago, she’s 19 now so 14 at that photo. Already very tall and womanly, mas woman pa sa Matawan ni Rabiya in MUPH. this girl is very rare in Philippines pageantry body wise, at early teens she’s already very sexy.

  7. If KF develops her public speaking skills, Roberta can eventually be their camp’s first MUPh winner.

    She also has the potential to give KF the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for with a top 3 finish at Miss Universe.


    Close-up with minimal make up, winner.

    I am glad there is a letter “n” in her last name, Lol.

    World Peace.

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