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  1. Makeup tips for younger makeup artists. Test your colors on different sorts of lighting for photographs. For example, eyebrow shades and medium (ie. cream, powder, pencil) register differently on different skin types and different lighting setups. One has to be careful to integrate the old brow into the re-arched brow, or else the model would have two brows, one on top of the other. 😂 Concealers also tend to show up readily on photographs if not blended properly into the foundation. Also, test your makeup register from different angles & sides, not all pictures are taken from the front. Sometimes you have to emphasize a feature if taken only from one side. Sometimes it takes just one eye to do the slightest emphasis in order to get the right photograph. Powder is your best friend, loose powder so you can easily dial it up or down. And choose one feature (ie, eyes, lips) to emphasize para Hindi magulo sa mata.😎 Unless you purposely want your subject to look like a mannequin. 😱 Another tip is to do your makeup quickly not only in consideration of the photographer, but also to lend you more time to add or change according to requirements.

  2. In the field of pageantry , I wonder if previous delegates are staying in Ukraine to fight the Russians and at the same time, are keeping safe.

    Prior delegates like Olesya Stefanko , Miss Ukraine 2011 , MU 1st ru
    and Diana Harkusha , Miss Ukraine 2014 , MU 2nd ru
    and Oleksandra Nikolayenko , Miss Ukraine 2004 (should have been in the top 15) , who I believe reside in Las Vegas

    The war is now a week old … normal lives have been turned into living hell because of one POS putin !

  3. Sana wag sobrang i highlight ang ilong para ng flourescent. Maganda naman sya.

    • Yes! Southeast Asian style of makeup varies, but one thing in common is that we overemphasize more than one facial feature. It gets harder to focus on one outstanding feature if all features are dialed up to 10 🎚️🛰️😎🔆
      Diana’s makeup artist or photographer has a possible obsession with highlighters. 😁

  4. Beautiful indeed. Is she with KF? That could be the reason why she’s doing BB this year.

    I can also see her beauty doing well at MW.

  5. So the top tier in Bb are Mackey , Basiano & Mendoza …

    I think they should not crown a new Bb International if a year-long wait is going to happen again
    The three above should get the 3 remaining crowns !

  6. Beautifull…
    I hope she becomes more active on all social media platforms to establish all her assets as a potential winner… including how culturaly Filipina she is .. That is if she wants to win.

  7. She might the first Filipino- Kiwi to win a Binibini crown. She is tall at 5′ 8″ and beautiful. I hope she will surpass her unsuccesful attemp to win a crown in Miss Earth Philippines 2015 and Miss Manila 2017.

  8. She is very pretty. She will be one of the strongest crown contenders in this year’s Binibibin

  9. Pang Miss International ang ganda.
    What is her height? Baka naman pwede pa sya mag MUP in the future.


    Photos, exquisite. Even the sofa is gorgeous. Lol. Whatever crown she is gunning for, she will easily be a frontrunner. I hope she has substance too.

    World Peace.

    • She is very pretty. She will be one of the strongest crown contenders in this year’s Binibini

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