8 comments on “Miss International Queen Philippines: Arrival of the Queens

  1. Girl in pink is uber pretty!

    Sir Norm, names of the girls in the write-up would be nice and fitting.

  2. Can anyone of them join Miss Universe Philippines and Bb Pilipinas? I do love photo 1, 3, 5 and 14.

  3. To be honest, in previous posts of this pageant, I didn’t see any women I thought could go head-to-head with the Thai queens (they are the powerhouse in this category).

    But seeing the transformations/glow-ups in these pics, I think we can & will send someone amazing to Pattaya after all.

    Good luck ladies!

  4. That girl at the bottom right of lower grid is Shiela Magpale. She’s gorgeous. She is my top pick.

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