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  1. On a slightly different note, Tracy Perez seems to have lost her momentum in the last challenge of the pageant. As pageant watchers have noted, her digital media activity has slackened as compared to Côte d’Ivoire and USA. Is this an indication of confidence, that an investor has already expressed interest in the next Miss World competition? Or is it a lack of interest and support on the part of her organisation and team? I do hope it’s the first one.🙋🏼💐🕊

    • #Jmgonzalezme: from the business vantage point, I’m sure MWO is already planning, or has planned, damage control initiatives relative to this huge PR disaster. It is not too far-fetch to assume that the incoming MW will play a major role in this damage control program. Ergo, who among the finalists has the personality and worldwide appeal to sustain, or sharpen, the “beauty with a purpose” message despite the dampening effects of this management mishap on the enthusiasm of its global fans? Cote d’Ivoire? USA? Phili[[ines? India?

    • If Tracy wins Miss World, she will be campainging with ALV by April, a month before the Philippine national elections. Right now, ALV is focusing on his campaign and he is also producing the SMNI debates which is considered a PR success. You now can see where the priority of ALV is.

      Tracy only finished new posts for her websites and Youtube in February 27 but there were already two posts when the latest digital challenge started. Also Tracy was the first candidate promoted by Miss World in the Miss World website (before Miss Ireland) due to the supertyphoon and her consequent advocacy aside from her BWAP. What this means is she is really confident to get to Top 12 and I am too.

      Miss Ivory Coast understandably is maximizing her father being a local goverment official, so she has the “votes”. You now know how social media can be manipulated but again I do not want to be sued , I just want to tell you this digital challenge some delegates already has an edge.

      For Miss USA, she has to because she was actually appointed only, she must validate her being MWA 2021 by securing a Top 12 finish at least. The one who should be representing USA was supposed to be the winner in Miss World America 2020 Alissa Anderegg. If I will ask you, are there any Miss World winner who was just appointed by an organization? The last comment from JEM in 2018 was she would not let anyone win if she was not crowned in any national pageant.

      It is not only her who lost momentum, all the Top 40 are quiet compared to how engaging they were before December 16 cancelled finals and even during their 14 days quarantine before leaving PR.

  2. @Ana Winter-Lund and @River Robles: very insightful dispassionate dissection of the issues! What this all boils down to is lack of a comprehensive plan, implementation systems and procedures, and a review process on performance against plan. This is events management, which in a time of a pandemic absolutely requires the strictest safety and health protocols on a daily basis. It is unfortunate that this melodrama unfolds with all the players appearing neophytes in the field of events management, when the external threats to business from this deadly virus lurk everywhere and everytime. And the world now watches in bated breath for the next episode of this teledrama….

    • I could not agree more, Scorg. Although it is helpful to the tourism industry of Puerto Rico, Stephanie should have not braved or risked to bring in the MW pageant therein without workable plans. One would think that she really wanted to earn big from a small effort, hence, the nature worked against her desire.

      Julia, on her part, should have also worked hand in hand with Stephanie to strictly provide strictest terms in observing protocol in the event, same with the Govt of PR. It must be a collaborative effort between and among them before they look forward for profit.

      That’s all.

    • @Ana Winter-Lund: you’re absolutely correct! Country-hosting an event, so much so that it is on a global scale and at a period of a fierce global fight against a pandemic, should have undergone the strictest due diligence from the principal or franchisor. Is the applicant equipped with management capabilities, technical skills and financial resources? If hosting is yet to be subcontracted to a third party (which should already be a red sign on the inadequacy of the applicant), is the subcontractor equally technically and financially capable? Are contingency plans in place and does the applicant possess the agility to respond innovatively to unforseen developments? Sad spectacle of basic events management gone awry! Still, we in the pageantry community hope that the MW brand would come out of this Public Relations disaster unscathed.

  3. Puerto Rico will not win their 3rd crown in the next 100 years. LOL You know the master chef Julia Child

  4. This issue with Stephanie Del Valle had initially rocked the pageant world since January, if my memory serves right. However, I did not mind the same because the facts were not that clear to me, having read a few articles which were Google-translated then from Spanish to English.

    As the news resonates because of Stephanie’s statement released lately to the press, I gathered again some articles online and tried to grasp the story. Thus, per my understanding, there are four personalities (includes juridical) involved: Miss World Limited, The Government of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico with a Purpose, and Reignite of Stephanie.

    The story: Stephanie responsibly brought Miss World Pageant to Puerto Rico, contracting Puerto Rico with a Purpose as supplier of the event and with the Government of Puerto Rico as a main sponsor thereof for tourism purposes. It appears that Reignite has become reliant on the funds The Government of Puerto Rico would advance, such that when the Miss World pageant was shelved, the Government of Puerto Rico froze the fund, thereby causing Reignite of Stephanie to failingly pay Puerto Rico with a Purpose for whatever disbursements it had for the beauty pageant.

    The main culprit? Covid-19 virus. Had it not infected some candidates, the pageant would proceed, which Stephanie should anticipate coming. Thus, Stephanie with the help of the Government of Puerto Rico should have taken some measure to contain the spread of the virus among the participants.

    When the pageant was shelved, Reignite of Stephanie wouldn’t have enough fund to pay Puerto Rico with a Purpose for the contractual obligations the former had to the latter because The Government of Puerto Rico had canceled its sponsorship for the pageant.

    Indeed, Reignite of Stephanie lacked financial capacity to cover the expenses in case a major sponsor cancels due to a foreseen event. While it’s not totally her fault because of an anticipated supervening event (virus), she took the risk by organizing the pageant. Hence, she should have contingency measures if worst scenario occurs, which it did.

    I salute Stephanie for distancing herself from the proceeding of the Miss World pageant. However, it’s just a minor act to cover the whole mess. I just hope she sees silver lining after this darkness.

    That’s all.

    • Very well explained Ana.

      That Covid existed for the past two years is a fact and choosing to still hold a big, live, long-durationed event like this is, while admirable, is foolish. (Ang haba ng mga run-in sentences ko..haha).

      I think the whole mess could have been avoided if the organizers (Madame Julia?) decided kept the event to minimum number of days only. And cutting in half the girls who are not going to make it to the finals anyway.

      This is simply arrogance and hubris on their part. More than 100 (?) delegates for more than one month during Covid?? Plain arrogance. You can say what you want to say about Miss Earth, who still did it virtually , or about MGI who successfully managed to do it live albeit for minimum number of days, but held it, they did.

      Oh well, they might have a great plan but nature has another thing in mind.

      Quote for today: If you want God to laugh, tell Him your plans.

      World Peace.

      • You are right there, Thomas dear. The Miss World Organization should have primordially considered the existential threat Covid-19 might cause, hence trimming the participants down to 40 or lesser for the final run should have been set from the get-go.

        In staging events such as this, extensive planning is expected. Look at how MUO excellently staged the recently concluded 70th Miss Universe at the dawn of Omicron variant.

        Still hoping for the best in Miss World… and Stephanie. At the end of the day, this whole mess serves a big lesson to them and to the entire beauty pageant industry as well.

        That’s all.

    • Thanks Ana dear.

      Don’t blame the pandemic for the naivety and terrible planning from the people involved including MWO. To not have a plan in place to finish the pageant in the event that a spread occurs is just plain stupid. The world has been dealing with the pandemic for 2 years now and there is no more excuse to not be able to adapt to this situation.

    • Based on court records, Stephanie enumerated the reasons why she did not pay PRWAP. One of those reasons is that PRWAP decided on their own without the approval of Reignite, the company of Stephanie. These activities were the preliminary activities that actually was the cause of the spread of COVID19 in 25% of the delegates and 15 from the MWO chaperone and staff.

      Those events that were not sanctioned by Reignite but was pushed by billionaire Brock Pierce were:

      1. The golf tournament
      2. The NFT meetup
      3. The charity auction
      4. etc

      These were superspreader events that cause a lot to get COVID19 and the eventual cancellation. Now Stephanie is blaming PRWAP. My question is , if PRWAP was only the subcontractor and she the master of the supposed MW2021, why didn’t she stopped them?

      The reason by PRWAP is that they have not been paid by Stephanie even if the money was already with her, PRWAP also have to stay afloat as a company by doing these ticketed events to gain back some investment since Reignite has not paid them. If she only paid on time and did not with held the money given to her, these “prelim events” not sanctioned by MWL and Reignite should not have even started, however I am with PRWAP, they also need to make money.

      • The bottom line is violation of contractual obligations. These parties have to abide by the terms of their contractual relations, breaches of which would incur damages to either of them.

        I also read that the Embezzlement case filed against Stephanie has already been dismissed since the fund was frozen and was eventually returned to the Government of Puerto Rico. Now, Stephanie counter sued for moral damages.

        That’s all.

    • Actually the charges for breach of contract has not been dropped, it is just transferred to a civil court.
      PRWAP is still pursuing this legal remedy . With this situation, Stephanie really can not attend an event organized by someone that sued her, while a case is open.

      People are saying, Round 1 she won, but it can go until Round 12 and make her bankrupt, file for Chapter11.

      This also means only Lady Wilnellia (the other MW from PR) will attend the finals since she is also the ND of Miss World Puerto Rico. I am waiting for March 13, the deadline of the arrival given to the delegates. Will anyone from the Top 40 quit the MW finals?

      • Yeah, the Embezzlement case (perhaps initiated by the Government of Puerto Rico against Stephanie and her Reignite, not clear though) is the one being dismissed. And the civil case for breach of contract will logically pursue because Puerto Rico with a Purpose remains to have an outstanding issue with Stephanie.

        Let’s see how Stephanie stands on her battle. I hope she’ll get through it.

        That’s all.

  5. It is the best thing for her since the civil case for breach of contract has not been rejected yet, it is still pending. I feel for her, it is ironic because it was her idea to bring Miss World to Puerto Rico but due to circumstances (relyng on a subcontractor or 3rd party) it will be awkward to join the finals night with the one suing her as the organizer – the plaintiff Puerto Rico with a Purpose – of billionaire Brock Pierce.

    There has been no cancellation or venue change as of today, the coliseum schedule shows that in March 16, Miss World will still be in Puerto Rico.
    There was also a statement given by the lawyer of PRWAP:
“Despite the fact that the plaintiff (Puerto Rico with a Purpose) insists that if the money is not paid the contest would not be held in March, the Miss World organization has informed the 40 finalist candidates that they must present themselves and have to arrive on the Island no later than 10 pm on March 13.”

    This statement shows :
1. There is a possibility still that the venue can change.
2. Miss World Limited is on top of things by giving a checkpoint, by March 13 at 10pm, all the Top 40 must be in PR.
    From now until March 12, we will be hearing any announcements if there would be changes however as of today the finals night is still in PR, no changes on the schedule of events in the Coliseum and the Ticketing company.

  6. Or Maybe this is a publicity stunt to gain more media coverage for the finale in the hopes that ticket sales would sky rocket (specially from the Filipino fanbase who’s all been waiting for this moment)?! It is all in good timing if ever Miss World crowns a Filipina since whoever wins this year’s National elections would surely be more than willing to host an International Pageant that would showcase the Philippines to the World. I hope and pray that all the stars would align for Tracy Maureen Perez.

  7. For heaven’s sake — Stephanie de Valle is listed as THE KEY PRINCIPAL of Reignite Puerto Rico, Inc. according to the Dun & Bradstreet business directory. She is listed as president, and her father is listed as treasurer.

    When she claims in above statement: “contrary to my ethics and moral principles to continue working with an organization that has acted in a defamatory, frivolous and unfair manner; solely for the purpose of causing harm..” is she referring to her own organization, Reignite Puerto Rico, Inc.? The one that she founded and is president, and her father is treasurer?

    Then she claims ignorance by stating “Something I still can’t understand.”


    LOL. Julia Morley must be so proud of her chosen one of 2016.

    • She is actually referring to Puerto Rico with a Purpose, the subcontractor she agreed to plan, organize and implement the Miss World preliminaries and finals night , this also includes the logistics of accomodation, food and security of the ladies, MWO staff, judges and hosts.

      She won’t be attending because the live event in March is still with PRWAP, Reignite does not have money , its a shell company and the donations and sponsorships given to her before December 16, she just returned it on February 9, 2022, almost 2 months after the cancellation and only a day before the lawsuit was served to her and Reignite.

      So even if PRWAP gives the responsibility to Reignite and Stephanie to hold the March 16 finals, she does not have the money anymore since she returned it to the Tourism board and other government entities. Puerto Rico is lucky because they still have Lady Wilnella, who was actually the person to recommend PRWAP to Stephanie since she has no funds and the prelims last November was on the way but still no funds hence Reignite made PRWAP the contractor. She actually knows the person behind PRWAP is billionaire Brock Pierce, a friend and neighbot of Lady Wilnella.

      I really don’t under stand why Stephanie didn’t pay the subcontractor in November , December or January, when all along the money was with her. Remember she only returned the funds last February 9. It is really not appropriate for her to appear here and it is embarrassing to attend to an event organised by the company suing you, even if she is a former Miss World.

    • I’m quite imagining and hearing this from Catriona right now, “Well…”

    • I bet Catriona Gray is still dodging a huge bullet when she didn’t win Miss World 2016.

  8. The effectivity of a communication plan can be easily measured if there are no or there are minimal follow up questions after releasing said statement.

    Unfortunately, her statement is wanting. She is basically saying she has resigned from Reignite Puerto Rico. It begs the following questions:

    Did she resign “just now” AFTER the expose? What was her role in this mess? Is she saying she had nothing to do with it and that she will clear her name at the appropriate time? And more importantly, what happens to the on going MW2021?

    I think it is kinda irresponsible to say the equivalent of “I am quitting, good luck, thank you” in her statement.

    World Peace.

    • @Thomas — she is founder and president of Reignite Puerto Rico, and her dad is the treasurer!!! And now, she is “resigning” LOL.

      • Oh no! The plot thickens. Actually, hindi nga thickens, mas lumilinaw. Hahaha. Hindi ba , napa ka irresponsible to say “I quit. Thank you!” Which is the essence of her statement. Thanks Casper.

        World Peace.

  9. they need to stop with all these pedestrian pre-announcements and just wrap it all up when they wrap it up , be done with it …

  10. So Stephanie is severing ties with MWO? Am I right Norman? What a mess if this is the case.

  11. Push padin ba Miss World sa March 16? Two weeks nalang parang walang ganap.

      • Wherever and whenever it will be staged, the whole debacle is a huge Public Relations challenge that I can’t imagine how MW can come out of this unscathed! I think MWO needs to engage an excellent Public Relations firm to protect its brand from the negative fallout of this mess.

      • @scorg it happened in 2002 in Nigeria then lipat sa London. Kaya nga I’m longing for someone to interview Kate manalo our rep that year to share her experience in Nigeria and in London. Julia never learned her lesson 🥴🥴🥴

      • @Lymaraina: The one that happened in Nigeria is different, and not so much a Public Relations issue for MWO. All plans were afoot on MW hosting by Abuja that year when suddenly a Nigerian newspaper columnist wrote something about the gorgeous aspirants that angered the Muslims who comprise 50% of Nigerian population. The statement was considered blasphemous enough for riots to erupt. MWO made a sudden decision to hold the event in London.

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