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  1. Slim pickings. Not an impressive batch. 🙋🏼💐🕊🤷🏼‍♀️
    Realistically, the competition should be over in an hour 😜

  2. It’s comforting na wala na ang chimp sa blog nato. Kudos Tita Norms for not allowing that bitch dominate your blog. May she rest in peace.

  3. Supranational is banning Russia from their pageant … I think MU should do the same and all the others too … POS putin might accidentally or intentionally start (nuclear) World War III … in that case,t there will forever be no more Miss Russia … the new name will be Miss Desolate Greater Siberia !

    • @ jaretwrighter, Banning Russian and Belarusian candidates from participating in international beauty pageants is acceptable if due to security reason. However, if pageant organizations are willing to take the risk, they can allow Russian and Belarussian to join but they should not compete under Russian or Belarussian flags. They will compete as independent candidates from Russia and Belarus.

      • Correction: Russian and Belarussian girls to join
        They will have to compete as independent candidates from Russia and Belarus

      • These two countries are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. Total isolation and ban are justifiable. They are already banned from the World Cup (soccer) and the IOC (Olympics) are making moves to also ban them from the 2024 Paris Olympics. I do feel very sorry for the lovely pageant delegates and the strong high-caliber athletes , they deserve much much better than this deranged POS putin who will be spending the rest of his life in prison … unless he kills himself like hitler did … his life will never be easy again

    • I am actually against banning Russia just because I do not want pageants and politics being mixed.

      It would be hypocritical by this organization and it is too late. Russia already invaded Ukraine in 2014 by annexing Crimea. The World Beauty Association still allowed Russian delegates to join Miss Supranataional and Mister Supranational after 2014. The question is why only now? Since WBA is based in Poland, it is just following other organizations in the EU but I do not believe they are concerned of the Ukrainians, it is more on their image.

      In 2014 there was already a war between Ukraine and Russia where Russia invaded and annexed Crimea. The Winter Olympics was also in Russia and no one boycotted this, Ukraine wherein Crimea is part, the invaded country in 2014 also joined the 2014 Winter Olympics, the USA also joined, all the EU countries and even Poland (where WBA president is based) never boycotted it even after the annexation.

      In 2014, if people still remember, a Malaysia Airlines plane crashed in the Donetsk region (the part of Ukraine where Russia just annexed and made into a new republic) due to a missile launched by pro-Russian separatists. No one boycotted Russia or banned any delegates in pageants, not even WBA. The Malaysian government allowed Russia to join Miss Tourism International(Malaysian-based pageant) and the government of Netherlands (where most of the Malaysian Airlines passengers who died are from) never asked any Big4 pageant organization for a Russian ban in pageants, Olympics, etc. If the argument is really pageants mixing it with politics or government decisions, why Malaysia or Netherlands condone it, it is because these should not be mixed as exemplified by these two countries and another pageant organization. And it should be the same today.

      So WBA, the owners of Miss Supranational and Mister Supranational are just following what is on trend but please do not tell me they are heroes or above anyone.

      If this organization is really in solidarity with the invaded, occupied or marginalized people, why on Earth they did not ban Israel (implementing apartheid in occupied Palestine) or Myanmar, Thailand or Hongkong (just because the governments are in the business of suppresing democracy).

      Their priorities are misplaced. They only banned Russia (for convenience) and not the other countries I mentioned. I want you to believe that it is because of business only and that they are playing the game of moral ascendancy which they do not have, how can I be influence by an organization that does this ban but still is ok with other despicable acts done by other countries (Israel, Myanmar, China). Banning only one country is a shallow action and again misplaced, it should also ban other countries that occupies, invades, suppress and kills democracy.

      Even Miss Universe allows Lebanon (which has Hamas).

      They should still give the franchise holder of Miss Supranational and Mister Supranational in Russia the right to decide by themselves to send a delegate or not.

      This was similar situation when secular majority Muslim countries (e.g. Indonesia and Malaysia) did not allow their Miss Universe delegates to join last edition. It kills the business of pageantry in the local level and the dreams of the delegates and would-be delegates, the assistants and other people involved in this business.

      Pageantry for me is an instrument of peace and the more pageants, the better, the more countries or territories that join, the better.

      Of course in business, WBA has the right to do that could protect their interests but people like me who scrutinizes people, events and these organizations, I am just disappointed. They should have their own mind.

      If people would think this way, other Europe-based pageants may follow suit, The Miss Globe and Miss Intercontinental.

      • @River Robles: I give you an “A+” for this lucid and well researched audacious topic. The only explanation to your qualms lie in the political economy of beauty pageants. In the past I made slight references to it to explain some judging results, but it seems that the readiness for research-based discourse is low for most followers of this blog– it opens a floodgates of thumbs downs and worse, iinsults. Though I like to respond to your incisive post, I would rather not spend my precious time on something that would just cap my day on a frustrating note.

      • @River Robles and Jaretwrightlover. Past conflicts in Crimea, Myanmar, etc were either domestic affairs or issues between 2 countries which I believe does not warrant banning of the countries involved from participating in international pageants. These were sensitive issues which other countries opted to remain neutral in their stand. Example, while Crimea is part of Ukraine, it’s annexation to Russia was approved by majority of Crimean constituents thru referendum. In contrast, the clear transgressor in this ongoing war is Russia. Now more than ever, Ukraine needs the support of the global community. However, total banning of Russian and Belarusian girls from joining international pageants is not a good option. These girls have dreams. This is not their war. This is Putin’s war. My stand is to allow these girls to participate, provided, they compete as “ Independent candidates from Russia and Belarus”.

      • Pageants are responsible for the security of the delegates, and given the current mood worldwide against Russia, the possibility of horrific actions towards the Russian delegates might be something that the pageant organizers cannot ensure to prevent from actually happening … it would be better for their own safety for them not join or not be allowed to join

    • Hi Cool.

      Not sure if you are serious or being sarcastic. Hehe. But anyway, it doesn’t matter.

      I know I said days ago that “Sometimes, it is better to be kind than to be right”. But for this particular post, it is time to be right! Lol.

      I am sure that ALL eleven ladies are beautiful in person, which is why I am ranting against the ugly photos above.

      1) Whose clever idea is it to give them make-up so horrible? If you will zoom in the photos, look how laughable those black bruise on each cheek. Ang pangit talaga, parang clown or parang nabuntal sila.

      2) What is with the 80s big hair look? It is distracting. I know that Ru Paul said “the higher the hair, the closer to God”. But ladies, you are not joining a drag race! Lol.

      3) I am particularly aghast how they made photos 1, 3, 5 (especially 5), 9 so frightening. Are they joining Ms. Halloween pageant ba?

      4) That photos will be photoshopped to death is already a given. No one should be shocked about it. But Please temper it. It is obvious that some bodies above were “elongated”.

      5) And yaman rin lamang gumagamit na rin lang ng photoshop, bakit hindi pa pag butihin? Why leave that disturbing black thing-y in the crotch areas of some ladies? Ano ba?! Lol.

      These inputs are given early on so that improvements can be made. The competition hasn’t started yet so there is still time. It just seems to me some people in A&Q are sabotaging their own candidates.

      Rest assured Cool that I will be equally “acerbic” (if warranted) with the other ladies from other camps when their photos / videos are already posted.

      World Peace.

  4. Pauline, Chantal, and Isabelle sizzle.
    Isabelle has beautifully-toned muscles. Gorgeous

    • I actually want Pauline to be Miss World, so in this grid I chose Chantal, Isabelle and Julia.
      I do hope Pauline improved, she was one of my bets the last time she joined. I hope her motivation is not the competition between her and Gazini, she is best suited in Miss World. She has the jaw of Stephanie del Valle and the smile of Lady Wilnelia Merced-Forsyth.

  5. Chantal Schmidt can walk the runway for Victoria Secret anytime.Is that a 23 inch waistline?. Hourglass figure with great academic credentials.

  6. Nagpasilip ng Mayora sila Jedidah, Vanessa at Isabelle!

  7. I am sorry but based on the photos above,

    > 8 out of the 11 look like trannies (no offense to trannies)
    > What’s with the clownish blackish/ red cheeks? Horrible.
    > Pakapalan at pahabaan ba ng buhok ang trend ngayon? Para silang mga buhok na tinubuan ng mukha.

    Scary shots: # 1, 3, 5, 9.

    World Peace.

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