10 comments on “Veejay Floresca for Miss Trans Star International

  1. Ano kaya during the pageant eh i-flash yung video niya nung 2010 na nagtatatalon sa kama nung matawag si Venus Raj sa Miss Universe? Bonga!

  2. What sorcery is this? Lol.

    Her exotic beauty in the likeness of a young Dionesia Pacquiao should bode her well in Spain.

    Para Sa yo ang Laban na to! Lol.

    World Peace.

  3. The title of the pageant makes me imagine that the girls are competing to be the ambassadress of a bus transport company. Nakakaloka. Hahaha!

    Anyway, good luck Veejay. Malay mo naman, ‘diba?

    That’s all.

      • Hahaha! Para kasing bus company ang title. Nakakaloka. Haha!

        Anyway, have fun in Bohol, dear.

        That’s all.

  4. I wish her luck. She should keep herself safe as war is still going on in Eastern Europe

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