26 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Top 50 Official Delegates

  1. Slim pickings. Not an impressive batch. 🙋🏼💐🕊🤷🏼‍♀️
    Realistically, the competition should be over in an hour 😜

  2. What happened to the real phillipine’s real beauty. Most of these women look European/ Western girls with changed feutures and lots of obvious surgeries.
    Please choose a real phillipine beauty to represent your Country. Do not choose a barbie doll that looks like a barbie doll frim TOYS R US.

    • The Philippines is a country of REAL Barbie Dolls because we are MULTIRACIAL as a people. We have MYRIAD of LOOKS – from exotic looking girls to mestizas to Barbie dolls lookalikes. Presently, many young Pinoys look Europeans and/or Caucasians due to thousands of intermarriage that took place in the last 30 years between Filipinos and (white) North Americans and Europeans. In islands such as Bohol, Cebu, Siargao, and Palawan, there are a lot (dozens) of European/Caucasian looking children who are the future of Philippine Pageantry.

      SO DO NOT DICTATE and/or FORCE us to send a particular type of beauty to different global beauty pageant platforms. After all, these so called Pinoy Barbie Dolls are ALSO REAL Philippine Beauties.

  3. 1. Cortesi. maganda may personality q and a on fence ako
    2. pauline maganda may personality magaling sa q and a. not so good body prop. i hope pasarela improved
    3. michelle dee middling ganda, matangkad, mabait at tolerable q and a

    im seeing michelle more like Beatrice Luigi hindi raving beauty pero pasok sa lahat ng aspect. so im leaning on michelle and if Pauline improved her body then its between them

  4. Celeste Cortesi, Julia Saubier and Chantal Schmidt for me as Top 3.

    Pauline and Michelle are overrated.

    • I love Julia and Celeste. They’re my sentimental favourites. Bakit naman kasi same year. Huhu. If nag improve na talaga ang English ni Celeste, she might win. She’ll probably choose to answer in English because its MUP. For now, I’ll go with Julia then Celeste

  5. Based on the small pictures, the following caught my attention: Cortesi, Legado, and Dee….Seems like if the stars align with Cortesi, she will easily get the coveted crown.

    I just couldn’t ignore her confidence, beauty, and charisma.

    • Attitude will also play a big factor. I hope the girls will have a good working relation with each other and with everyone in MUPH.

  6. MUP 2022 is a battle between and among the veterans in pageantry, three of whom are already national titleholders. It’s exciting to see how these three are gonna kill the MUP runway with their six-inch heels.

    Facially, Silvia Celesti Cortesi is a standout, so let’s see if her conduct has improved then since. Otherwise, it would be hard for her to convince pageant fans about her previous shenanigans.

    Pauline Amelinckx is a babe. If she only listens to the pageant fans’ suggestions for her to loose a bit, then she’s in it to win it. I think she’ll play her cards right this year. Pauline, cut your carb/sugar intake pretty please.

    What happened to Francheska Dadivas’ photo? Isn’t she budget constraint? Gosh, I hope her handlers would be careful in releasing her photos. She has big potential because she is refreshingly sunnier, but not in the photo above.

    Is Ayn Bernos resurrecting in the person of Bianca Mae Awatin? That girl’s smile is infectious. I love it.

    This year, I did not expect that only a handful of beauties have signified their intention to join MUP. Hindi talaga sumali ‘yung mga early favorites na sina Bethany Talbot at Rina Maier. I guess they will be trained hard first before they will be fielded for their respective pageants.

    That’s all.

  7. I really wish these girls are asked to share a headshot with minimal make up and glam. Some of these shots are scaring me.

    Nonetheless – Katrina, Michelle, Celeste are in top 3 with Chantal as close 4th since I don’t know her yet. Julia or Pauline for top 5.

    We’ll see which of the no-name or middle ground beauties can try outshine these popular candidates.

  8. The age! You can’t see this in Venezuela or maybe miss France. Philippines pageantry nowadays lean on older women na (24-27) unlike before (18-23)

  9. With this list, its not “Bardagulan (whatever that means)” this year.

    Actually, mejo predictable na ang top 5. The top contenders has a chance though sa MU. Di pa rin mapuputol ang streak,

  10. Matindi ang labanan this year, considering there are those who won before in other national pageants have crossed over this time at MUP 2022. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…

  11. Parang konti lang yung masasabi mong “strong contenders”. Anyway, MuPH likes dark horses naman based on the results of the past two years, so go tayo sa dark horses!

  12. Dee (1st) Cortesi (close second) Amelincx ( closed third )

    Saubier and Llegado ( completing the top 5 )

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