14 comments on “Day of Reveal Picks for Miss Universe Philippines 2022

  1. Review of Norman’s 1st Pick

    Celeste Cortesi of Pasay – Facially stunning but can she handle the Q&A with ease and confidence?
    Michelle Dee of Makati City – Not so pretty and lacks the kind of personality needs/suited for MU
    Pauline Amelinckx of Bohol – Beautiful but not competitive in terms of height and figure
    Katrina Llegado of Taguig City – She needs to improve her communication skills and knowledge bank
    Lou Dominique Piczon of Cebu Province – One of the ugliest contenders in this batch
    Vanessa Caro of Iloilo Province -The MOST promising and my current FAVORITE
    Chantal Elise Schmidt of Cebu City – Also very promising but needs more experiences and training
    Annabelle Mae McDonnell of Misamis Oriental – I think she will do well in other national pageants
    Julia Saubier of Albay – This girls needs the right styling and packaging to be in the Top 3
    Francheska Alexine Dadivas of Roxas City – Another very promising girl and try other nat’l. pageants
    Angelica Lopez of Palawan – Not yet familiar, sorry
    Dorothy Gemillan of Iloilo City – At most Top 10/12, try other pageants
    Nyca Bernardo of Bulacan Province – Not yet familiar, sorry
    Lyza Katrina Samalio of Ilocos Norte – Not yet familiar, sorry
    Jona Sweett of Aklan – promising but should try other national pageants
    Sashi Chiesa of Lapu-Lapu City – needs repackaging/rebranding
    Jedidah Korinihona of Davao del Sur – Better for MPE, should lose weight
    Zeneth Joy Bueno Kahn of Isabela – Not yet familiar, sorry
    Mary Dawn Molina Abiera of Sultan Kudarat – Not yet familiar, sorry
    Ghenesis Latugat of Baguio City – Try other national pageants

    • Chantal and Sashi looks promising but they need to soften their looks, sometimes they look TRANS in their photos, Aces and Queens should work hard to make them more feminine looking

  2. A lot of beautiful girls with great comm skills but Chantal sets pulses racing. Plus highly eloquent to boot.

  3. It’s Dee vs Amelincx MUP or ist runner up. Cortesi or Llegado second or third runner up

  4. Her body proportion is wanting, davao sur should work hard to look lean to belong , just my constructive observation..

  5. My early picks are: Amelinckx, Dee, Saubier, Cortesi, Caro, Llegado, Chiesa, and Schmidt

  6. I hope they only have 20 or 25 delegates for the actual telecast … make the show short and sweet

  7. I hope MUPH announces early on its final selection criteria so that each candidate can formulate her game plan through all pre-pageant challenges ahead of the final judging. The selection criteria break down into components what it takes to be a phenomenal woman, or a confidently beautiful person. I believe that a key success factor in any beaucon is the ability to build a doable road map towards the crown through the various pre-pageant activities.

    • Sir Norman, would you have information as to the criteria for final judging (with corresponding weights per category)? Also, the different pre-pageant challenges with their respective objectives? In the interest of transparency, I hope these are not MUPH classified infos.

  8. The pictures are quite distorted.
    Nevertheless, I like Cortesi, Dee and Llegado at least for now.
    I’m sure there will be one from the lesser known contestants who will surprise us all leading to the finals.

    • Vanessa Caro looks like she’s going for the kill!

      She’s another girl I’m really excited about!

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