10 comments on “Can you make “real friends” in pageants?

  1. Wow, what a gracious and intelligent way to promote a new and better attitude towards pageantry. That’s the way to do it Pia, Carla and Bianca. 💐🙋🏼🕊 Subtle, light, no debates or discussions. Perfect! More women should really be involved in running the pageant machinery. 👑

  2. One example is enough , Diaz and Moran … so YES is the answer , unless my perception is just an illusion …

  3. Tito Norman. Aren’t you worried you might alienate people you did not mention on your list ? That’s very gutsy !
    Bianca G, for example , did not make that precious list

  4. Hmm. That is an interesting topic.

    I had a direct hand supporting a pageant that I was even requested to judge in 5 countries to select their reps. Although, I have a full-time job, in the last days of the pageant finals I would take a leave to support the pageant online but I am in a way supporting a team to cover the pageant that they would send me the reports.

    Before I became “relevant” to the said pageant, I faced a lot of opposition although I was not even being offensive. I noticed that many ‘beauty’ pageant supporters or organizers are actually “ferocious and super ugly” in character. Perhaps this was their way others’ hands stay from the plate that many are already dependent upon. The character of the people around and even candidates involved in politicians was an awakening. Ultimately, I stopped supporting a fun facade in a not-so-pleasant context. So I just settled to stay in the background and just occasionally comment.

    Yes, it can be difficult to find true friends in this arena.

  5. There are a lot of opportunists in pageants including aspirants. After their pageants, they either dump you or conveniently forget you helped them. But the friendship with other queens especially the past queens endure.

  6. I think it was Bianca who traveled to Los Angeles when Pia’s gown for MU didn’t arrive on time in Las Vegas!

    Oliver Tolentino loaned 8 gowns for Pia that time, Imagine carrying all that gown and receiving nothing in return! That’s very heroic! And you don’t extend that kind of help if you are not a real friend!

    • Vegas is not even 4h from LA
      But that was a ‘dangerous’ drive for someone who was new in the US . I’m sure someone drove Bianca to Vegas.
      Either way, that was very nice of Bianca
      One thing I donot understand is why Bianca and Carla were not even mentioned during her MU journey . I remember Pia saying she showed the red gown to her sister. But really the 2 girls did not come to light until the birth of Queentuhan

  7. You can always forge true friendship anytime, anyplace, and in whatever circumstance. You just have to be open to that. Afterall, it all depends on you, whether you want to build bridges or you want to build walls.

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