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  1. @Edible Flor: Your “musings” below has a lot of sense. It surfaces yet another international pageant on a brand-building mode after MS. It aligns with the observation of a growing global initiative to tap the advocacy-driven brand preferences of the huge Millenial and GenZ markets! As I wrote in a post earlier this month, various researches worldwide confirm that these market segments tend to channel their energies toward meaningful action— aligning spending and career choices with their values, increasing political involvement, and driving change on societal issues that matter most to them. Consequently, they expect institutions to do more to help bring about their vision of a better future. The sooner businesses realize the reality that a big chunk of the market prefers brands or advocates messages that are aligned with their values, the earlier they can safeguard their market share. Pageant organizations as business entities are not any different, more so since they are conceptually structured to be advocacy-centric, if not advocacy-driven. MG is just treading the rational path. I wish them success!

    • I wish this year’s edition of BBP will already move towards advocacy-centric brand-building initiatives. Among the pageant organizations we have in the country, BPCI has the exclusive bragging rights to make advocacy its front and center– it is the only “charitable” organization in the country’s pageantry industry. It does not matter if its various franchises may or may not carry a serious advocacy. What is important is that it has its own brand identity as a 365-day-a-year socially-relevant, community-involved beauty search movement.

      • @ scorg Good… evening there, right?…

        I hope BPCI could resume their partnership with the AFP Medical Service (?). I thought it was very nice the ladies visited soldiers recovering in hospital from battle injury. In fact, parang mas marami ngang charity work noon. And I have yet to see a Binibini who voluntarily took on charity work post-pageant as vocation. But, yes. Let the organization lead the way in that respect.

        I briefly followed the Miss Globe Canada organization a few years back. While most of us were riveted on our rep at the time, a parallel link provided on the page afforded a peek into some of the activities of the Canadian queen, one of which was interaction with children at the local school’s art classes. This was either Michelle Gumabao (2018) or Nelda Ibe (2017)… Kasi nung kay Leren na (2019), nakatutok na ako sa pageant mismo. And with our recent win (Montagne), I just linked on to the Deliart Association page as a gesture of appreciation. Neither ‘likes’ nor comments. Just wanting to be close to/with them… (I don’t know the proper conjunction to use – to or with. Sorry.)

        Maureen’s Canadian batch mate was a BEAUTY. Still young, but a gracious soul she was! And the African 1st Runner-up (silver) who struck fear into the hearts of a few of us here as being good enough to possibly deny us our second crown, memorable. Hope both will try pageantry again.

  2. Guys, how would you feel if the BBP titular hierarchy was changed so that the once lowest ranked (more on this later) BBP-Globe becomes the top prize? The idea came from a pageant vlogger.

    A few arguments in its favor :

    1. Under BPCI stewardship, two (2) wins & a handful of Runner-up finishes.
    2. Mdme. Mias Pilar-Alcantara made the effort to come over & witness our country’s 2021 rep being crowned. In contrast, wala man lang video message from either Bint or Angkol/one of his queens!
    3. How graciously the organization tolerated unruly Filipino fans.
    4. Fantastic venue countries! It may well be the newest bona fide ‘tourism’ pageant without trying.
    5. Their signature drone panoramic shot of the contestants holding up their respective flags is now legend.
    6. In true European pageantry fashion, introduced the Head-to-Head Challenge as a staple. MW & MS have it, too.
    7. The Swim Preliminary wherein the scoring is witnessed live – judges hold up score cards from 1 to 5 & tie breaks are done there & then – can be a way to guarantee transparency.
    8. Exciting segments like Miss Talent Show, Miss Disco Queen, & Miss Bikini.

    A few arguments against :

    1. Apparent lack of competent~professional translators. Asking co-candidates to translate is sad.
    2. Modest, sometimes bordering on rudimentary production value.

    Now imho, though Montagne was the first titlist to be called, it might not mean among the four – Hannah, Cinderella, Samantha, & herself – that she scored the lowest over-all. I think that she may have actually been a good case of being the top scorer but the organization opted to exercise its prerogative to assign the crowns & give her the SILVER (second place) in favor of Hannah going to Japan. I don’t know if I make sense. But Hannah may really be the sacrificial one in a sense kasi si Maureen talaga ang target ng BPCI! And maybe that’s why Mdme. Mias personally came, as a STATEMENT of domination/support.

    (Here I go again with my fixation with the silver medal to mean ‘won on points but got second place due to other factors’. Like Nadia Ferreira, Bella Ysmael, or Katrina Dimaranan MAYBE???)

    It may be hard to believe considering that just the year previous saw that bizarre development involving Rowena Sasaluya (who still finished in the Top 5 despite Mdme. Mias herself saying our rep was below their height ceiling), which in some comments also came across as some sort of bypassing BPCI’s authority as franchisee (insubordination is the correct term???).

    Is it possible that BPCI would pave the way to elevate (The)Globe as its top prize? If so, that can also mean that the relevant rates are already agreed upon & close to being settled, if not already so.

    So, kung second highest ang turing nila sa (The)Globe last year, gold (highest) prize na siya now.


      • @ THOMAS Do me a favor.

        Tell your apostle brother to forget that one he misses.

        She is in a good place. And she has no intentions of returning. She also said she wishes all love.

      • Edible,

        Honestly, I do not know what you and Paul are talking about. Lol. You mean is missing a “she”? I thought Paul misses Peter, it turns out it’s a Mary?

        Puff the magic dragon indeed! Please spill the tea Edible. Enlighten me who and what you are talking about.

        World Peace.

      • @ THOMAS There is no need to elaborate on that anymore. Those concerned will take from it as they deem fit.

        As for you, Sir…

        How appropriate that the latest post includes one whom you accused not too long ago of lip enhancement! Look at her photo now & tell us if you maintain your stance.

        The entire time this young lady unraveled her pageantry – from Teen International to Miss Manila to CTS & finally MWP en route now to her second global assignment – I neither read nor heard anyone say she had anything done to her lips. UNTIL NOW & only from you. Whether here in this blog or in other pages/sites/fora.

        At that PN’s post wherein she guested to discuss her preparations is where you unloaded your accusation. I will not be surprised if wordpress will shortly after this delete/hide your comment to protect you.

        (Imho, she was at her peak at Miss Manila. THAT is what she must bring with her to Egypt.)

        (PS ‘Yung nilait mo dun sa isa pang post, owner nung pageant yun, fyig. UNLESS, you REALLY meant it dahil alam/kilala mo siya…)

  3. Sam is very pretty
    If she wants to continue pursuing pageantry , she needs to find the right hairstyle and make up … and improve on her pasarela
    However , I would rather that she retire her tiara for Good and concentrate on hosting or newscasting as she has the gift of gab

  4. I am hoping Samantha P. will try other pageants like MUP, MWP, MEP. She is beautiful, talented, articulate and amazing height at 5′ 4″.

  5. Dios ko! SamPan looks like a glam up Chimi-A-A!

    Let it be a lesson to BPCI on how to they assign the titles!

    Dahil kung hindi mo rin naman ibe-verbalize sa kanila, hindi babaon sa kokoti!

    • I second the motion. Wala talagang ganda si Samantha Panlilio. Nagkakorona lang iyan dahil Panlilio siya.

  6. Gabby should be our future MUP
    Her comm skills are not any worse than Rabiya’s or Bea’s
    With proper training , she could exceed Their achievement on MU stage

  7. Gab Basiano is gorgeous… I hope she gets a lot trainning for the Dancing, Speech & Q&A…
    I hope she wins MGI!

  8. Future looks bright for Gabby Basiano. Hope she gets a crown this year. Grand International perhaps?

    • Baka separate ang pictorial for A&Q beauties. Echos lang Edible Flower. I would like to believe Hannah and Faye are a lot busier with their commitments as compared to beauties from other camps. Another echos. Maayong udto dear.

  9. The 2021 Bb. Pilipinas Grand International title SHOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN either to Gabby Basiano or Meiji Cruz. In the picture, Samantha Panlilio is the least good looking. Or she is the only PLAIN looking beauty.

    • Paul, Paul, Paul, my fellow Apostle…

      Sometimes it is more important to be kind than to be right. What good will your comment do my dear? Samantha’s beauty may not agree with your aesthetics (as it didn’t with me), but making that unkind comment is unfair to her :

      1) She was chosen by the organization. She did not appoint herself;
      2) She gave her all during the MGI (and we can see how hard she worked and tried).
      3) She suffered emotionally and mentally after it
      4) And here she is, still putting up an appearance and fulfilling her duties despite the negative comments she will get from the likes of you.

      Let us be DESCENT Paul. Hehe. And hope valuable learning are indeed learned by those who should learn from the experience.

      World Peace.

      • There was injustice Thomas. I remember now. The 2021 Bb.-MGI title should have been given to Justine Felizarta.

      • Serge. Hey , It’s me. It’s me. The one who’ve always cared for you, yes it’s me, the one who always love you. I just hope you still remember, and I hope it crossed your mind, all the memories that we have left behind. Hehehe. Having said that, I hope not to see you during this covid. I don’t want a Covid Serge. Lol.

        Paul, you HAD friends here? Amazing. Lol. Please name names. “Thomas” has always been my name.

        World Peace.

      • Sometimes it is more important to be kind than to be right.

        Thank you for this reminder @THOMAS


      • @SQ, I think it is always important to be kind and right. What is abominable is to be self-righteous, or being certain that one’s opinion is totally correct or morally superior even if not factual, based on outdated beliefs, and contrary to the choices of respected authorities (as in the case of SP and other bashed winners already chosen by the jurors and the organization).

    • Just remember what bashing and bullying has done to Cheslie. I hope you are so good looking to be giving such comment!! She was already given the title and have you not read what she was going through after the competition.

  10. Beautiful. All four of them. The dress, styling, shoes, make-up and posings are all impeccable. Congratulations to the stylist.

    World Peace.

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