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  1. Ganda nila. I have a feeling they will be winners or Top 2 at least. Pero matutuloy pa ba mga pageants with this horrible and traumatic war?

    • @ Padede Boy Remember back in April 1986, when reactor #4 in Pripyat City (Chernobyl, Ukraine, then USSR) decided it wanted to become a legend? But for the wrong reason.

      The following month (May), PAGASA advised Filipinos not to welcome the seasonal thunderstorms with an outdoor shower, nor store that water for drinking. In retrospect, I imagine a significant amount of radioactive material got diluted at the Angat reservoir… This is not meant to make us paranoid, but when you think about it, that event was much like a pandemic in that a catastrophe in a faraway place spreads gloom globally. But it didn’t last, & our lives got on somehow. And here we are at Norman’s blog, waiting out the weekend in anticipation of the announcement of the MUP 2022 Roster on the last day of the month, Monday.

      Matutuloy pa ba pageants? It didn’t stop, as we see in front of & among US. WE are pageantry, too!

      Sa totoo lang, kung hindi naapektuhan ang presyo ng krudo, I highly doubt Filipinos would care. Nor the rest of the world for that matter. Conflicts happened left & right in the last four decades lang – those in Jugoslavia, the partition of Czechoslovakia (which was allegedly among the messages of the Medjugorje Marian apparitions), Desert Storm, Palestine, UK & Argentina for the Falkland islands, many more. In all of them, our expatriate kababayans were to some extent affected, yet life resumed & went once the fighting came to a halt. I think it is human nature to keep going, to find a way forward. Even if that meant the need for change.

      • ‘Ay, baliktad. Sa Jugoslavia, pala, ang Medjugorje.

        But, yeah. Now, we have Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, etc…(This last, suki na ng The Miss Globe!)

        Ayaw mo niyan? Dumami pa countries sa mga pageants? HAHHAAHAHA!

        Marigona Dragusha looked good styled a’ la Audrey Hepburn! Anong year nga ba siya sa MU?

  2. This is how our representatives look like. The own their presence, appearing with conviction to win and that they are happy on their journey. 101% motivated. Way to go Ladies!

    These are the new breed of reps!

    I love the way to present yourselves. We as your fans just have to cheer you.

    Sinong nag train sa kanila?

    Good luck!

  3. Would the war cancel these pageants? From Covid to Russian invasion. These are trying times for pageant orgs and the pageant industry

    • @ Cool Brew Something similar may have already happened.

      I wonder if we noticed an ASEAN neighbor’s absence in global pageantry recently. That country was in the world headlines last year because of an apparent civil war… Starts with ‘M’. Or ‘B’.

      Kawawa naman sina Kathleen at Michelle. Here they are calling attention & asking support for their eco-themed contests at a time when environmentalism has unfortunately, AS EXPECTED by nature lovers, returned to the back seat of priorities as countries race to resume economies held back by a pandemic, resulting in a re-escalation of ‘less-than-ideal’ practices that hurt the planet.

      It’s good you mentioned it. It may help the two put their respective missions into perspective. Thx.

      • @Edible Flor: Your reference to the civil war in Myanmar is different from the invasion in Ukraine, the former being an internal fratricidal strife, the latter an overt aggression by a powerful neighbor on another sovereign nation. But your concern is justified– the environmental issues might take a backseat now that the preoccupation of most is economic recovery from the fallout of this pandemic, andmade more difficult by the jitters caused by the war. I would say that the environmental challenges should still be paramount because whatever economic recovery can be attained in the near-term can only be sustained in a planet that has controlled global warming, has reduced the impact of super typhoons and prolonged draught, and has rallied industrialized countries to reduce toxic carbon emissions to the atmosphere. I believe that environment-themed pageantry should continue.

    • @Cool Brew: So long as the war is confined to that area in Eastern Europe, and does not ignite a World War III, pageantry can still flourish in other areas of the world. The only immediate impact I see is on the travel difficulty of Eastern European candidates, plus a possible rise in air travel costs (due to its negative impact on oil prices). I don’t even see if it will make a dent on Angkol’s blissful sloganeering on his pageant; the tagline will still be there but it will most likely be a whimper instead of a shriek.

      • @ scorg You apparently know much about travel in that part of the world. I assume you mean to say that Kyiv/Kiev is a regional hub for air traffic there…?… A cursory check online of maps show that Belarus to be the only country sharing borders with both Ukraine & Russia. But even there it is possible to go elsewhere without crossing into either. Or do airline companies simply get jittery when their units are anywhere within spitting distance of a dogfight?

        It has been reported here (Philippines) that our countrymen are being evacuated to Poland, so that must mean the Supranational homeland is OK/safe/all-clear. Likewise for Moldova, Hungary, Slovenia, & Romania, all of which look reasonably distant from the action…

        (…Or is there an undercurrent of geopolitics at play, that these nearby countries want to lie low?)

        @ Cool Brew Siamo fiori crescutti dalle lacrime… ‘Fiori di Chernobyl’ (in English, ‘flowers of Chernobyl’).

      • @Edible Flor, the countries considered to be a home base of pageantry in Eastern Europe are Poland (for MS) and Romania (for MG). Both are to the west of Ukraine while Russia is to the East. Unless Putin’s expansionist ambitions encroach further west, venue hosting in these countries may still be possible for pageantry. But of course, the prudent move is to hold their crowning events farther away.

      • @ scorg ‘Ay, tamang-tama! ‘… Hold their crowning events farther away’ means puwede dito.

        (I don’t know when to use ‘farther’ vs. ‘further’. ‘FURTHER off…’ sounds correct. Not ‘farther off’.)

        Parang may na-mention kasi dati si Andre Sleigh na open siya to coming to the country.

        And of course si Mdme. Mias, regularly naman ata bumibisita.

        And while we’re in the subject, I think it would be nice for Philippines to eventually have the distinction of hosting at least once all the pageants held by its Top 4 licensees – MUP, MWP, BBP, & MPE. This last one, of course, is our home brew… But it would also be interesting for us to finally have in our shores MW, MI, MS, (The)MG, MEco-Int.,… etc. Even Angkol, bless his soul!

      • @Edible Flor, I posted a reply to you on the possible hindrance to your wishful thinking on MS and MG holding their pageants in the Philippines. That if if China duplicates on Taiwan Russia’s adventurism on Ukraine. This blog’s admin rejected the post.

    • Iyak ako ng iyak kanina dahil sa mga inosenteng mamamayan ng Ukraine lalo na sa mga bata…sobrang nahahabag ako for them. Sana lang eh maghari ang pagkakaunawaan at pag-ibig sa kapwa. In the end, we are all citizens of planet Earth regardless of the country na pinanggalingan natin. Let us all pray!!! 🙏🙏🙏 #EmpathFeels

  4. Norman, mabuti pa mag-post ka ng blog na may pamagat na – The Role and Responsibility of MGI in Stopping the War. Very timely, very relevant. At gustong pag-usapan ng mga commenter dito. he, he, he…

    Good morning to all despite the military attacks of Russian forces in Ukraine. Please pray for the Ukrainians and other nationalities living in that nation. Thanks.

  5. Maiba po ang usapan. Nasaan na po si Miss Grand International 2022 para ipatigil ang digmaan? Nasaa na rin si Chairman Nawat? Di ba yan ang layunin ng organisasyon na ito ” Stop the war”. Kung hindi ninyo maawat ang Russia huwag na kayong magpatimpalak dahil walang silbi.

    • @Miss Queen Wannabe. Leaders of Western countries were not able to convince Putin to stop Russian invasion in Ukraine, let alone Nawat and Miss Nguyen Tien. The best MGI can do now is make a noise to stop the war.

      • @Serge MGI Org issued a statement in their Facebook Page “As tensions in 𝙐𝙠𝙧𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙚 escalates into violence, we are praying for peace to return to Ukraine soon. Stop the war and violence.” His message has no substance. Obviously, he did promise that he will use his organizations to stop the war. Honestly, I don’t expect Nawat will go to Ukraine and tell Russia to stop the war. All I can see right now is deafening silence from MGI.

  6. Mga bakla! In-invade na ng Russia ang Ukraine!

    Ano ngayon? Mali ba platform ni Sara Duterte na military training for 18 years old above?

    Pageant girls, take down notes,

    Hahapyawan yan sa QnA portion!

    • Gaga ka Claire IbbeTson hindi ka nagbabasa at puro fake news ka. Syempre member tayo ng NATO, United nation…..All the allied will be there to help.

      Tsaka hindi trabaho ng isang VP ang mag patupad ng military training….Obviously hindi nya alamkayo namang mga baklang puro fake news at nasa algorithm ng Marcos bilib na bilib kayo

      kaya ayan….masasakdal na naman sa incompetent ang bansa

      Bahala na kayo dito, hindi kayo matututoto….mga uto uto ng mga unity ng mga magnanakaw.

      Time to migrate

      • NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Meaning, countries from continents that border the Atlantic Ocean. So since when an Asian country, let alone the Philippines has ever been a member of NATO?

      • @ XZY Oh, there you are! Speaking of a timely subject as possible Question Round or Interview.

        You were quite vocal about the pandemic being a grand collusion of organizations who in your view stood to make a fortune on misfortune. You presented interesting arguments! Hopefully, this blog’s Admin didn’t hide them yet so that any of our reps to the international contests can review… Thx!

      • @Xyz, with due respect po, NATO is not about the geographic locations of the member countries. It is about the military alliance of member countries regardless of their geographic locations. And you are right, Philippines is not a member of NATO

      • Mismo. UniTeam ng mga buwaya, mga kawatan, mga kurakot. Ang nakakapanlumo sinasampal na tayo ng katotohanan pero marami pa rin ang nagbubulag-bulagan.

        I know some, may talino naman, pero iboboto ang mandarambong yet they don’t have anything good to say about him. Basta lang iboboto nila.

        We are at the brink of another great downfall if he wins. Sana mamulat na ang mga nagbubulag-bulagan bago pa mahuli ang lahat. Mahalin natin ang Pilipinas at ang kinabukasan nating lahat, wag ang magnanakaw.

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson & @ Garga No harm in boning up on current events. If anything, it shows you are at least aware/abreast of weighty matters in your midst at hindi lang superficial stuff ang nalalaman… It’s also a good opportunity to understand the how’s & the why’s of the global petroleum industry, & how events far away can have repercussions everywhere.

      I recall that question Steve Harvey gave to one of the MU semifinalists, that ‘as MU, you will lead discussions on global issues…’. Dapat kahit paano, may informed opinion ka on developments of the day. No, you don’t need to be ‘nosebleed’ smart! You just have to be able to come from a place of some wisdom & empathy. And for that, you must ‘immerse’, as @ scorg said of that MUP hopeful whom he felt might just be a tad frivolous (my word, not his).

      So, dive in ladies! Water’s fine.

    • @claire. I am not against the revival of ROTC for senior high students, but it should not be mandatory

      • @ serge I’ll bet young Filipino/as will be more than willing to render service if & when a grossly disrespectful act or gesture is done against our compatriots on the SCS/WPS by that BIG guy.

        You see, it may sometimes be necessary – an act of war – to spur a nationalistic flare-up.

        ROTC will never be a popular subject; it’s very nature is against the idea of youth, imho. I agree with you. It shouldn’t be mandatory. But when push comes to shove, I personally don’t want to hear anything from anyone not gutsy enough to walk her/his talk. ‘Ika nga, kung ayaw mo magpabakuna contra-SARS-coV2, ‘pag tinamaan ka, huwag na huwag kang magpapa-ospital.

      • @edible flower, in response to your last sentence, whether you are in the military or not, the government has the responsibility to protect you, as its citizen, at all times, especially during the time of war.

  7. naghinayang talaga ako for kathleen not bagging the MWP crown..hayss her stars failed to aligned that night she was not in her best..

  8. Hindi ba ay May~June pa ang Environment International? In Tanzania?

    I-Se-Send-Off na rin next week si Michelle. That could be seen as Mr. ALV’s advance parting gesture of goodwill in case he wins the city Mayoralty of Olongapo.

    Da best to ol!

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