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  1. Gorgeous no doubt but i feel like she should represent the other country as she knows more about it than Philippines.

    • @ Padede Boy No market for pageantry there, unfortunately. Doon, parang Bikini Open lang in some cases. Casting kung gusto mong medyo matino-tino, pero yun nga modelling agency yun.

      Italian kids are usually just good in Italian; English is passable. Filipinos born there, if the likes of Denver Hernandez are any indication, also could speak better Tagalog, sana…

      But to be fair to our expatriates/’kababayan’ there, they do organize annual pageants either as charity fundraiser or as a community bonding activity. And they’ve sent reps over as ‘Fil-Comm Italy’. But NATIONALLY? Neighboring France is probably better in that regard; Miss France is, as we all agree, one of the best national pageants in the world.

      (But now that we’re there, curiously there does not seem to have been a ‘Fil-Comm France’ ever!)

  2. Next….what is this Ms Philippines latina? Her english is weak, unrelatable to filipino culture. What does she know about it?

  3. Physicaly she is without a doubt gorgeous.. Possibly the prettiest of the bunch… Problem is that she is too forreign… She can’t even speak Tagalog fluently… How does she expect the Filipino people to root for her when she can’t even connect to people and be relatable? She already represented the country and yet she has barely showcased the Filipino culture to the world?!… NEEEEEEEEEXTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

  4. Everyone deserves a second chance. Past is past. In fairness, maganda, sexy, at matangkad. Kung sa BbP or MWPh sya sasali, may chance syang makasungkit ng crown. Mahigpit ang labanan ngayon sa MUPh. But, who knows.

  5. Looks promising. How tall is she?

    Don’t know her from years ago so I have no bias as to what Paul is saying about a) attitude b) english proficiency, c) enhancements (can’t detect anything horrible from her video and photos above).

    Maybe considered as a frontrunner for MUP. Unlike a few commenters here who rant about Philippine delegates to Ms U not looking “Malay or Filipina enough” (whatever that means!) even if proven wrong by our last two winners (Pia and Catriona) who look Caucasian, I don’t see any issue with Celeste being a frontrunner.

    As to the attitude and english deficiencies, if indeed true, I hope the last years made her a better person and speaker.

    World Peace.

  6. @ Bimby Cialotto, Dude! I doubt they would like her at RHA. By now & considering our track record there (without going into potentially painful specifics), our best chances are still with the very Pinay look. We are ‘Filipine’; they expect someone who looks the sash.

    My own thoughts now to the post…

    Filipina by birth (Pasay City) naman pala. Akala ko, foreigner through & through na just so happened to have Pinoy extraction. So, parang si Wanvisa Maya Goldman; (Italian) Argentinian ang tatay.

    I don’t know exactly what really transpired in her dealings with her former National organization. But that’s now five years ago (2017, right?). And neither did that org say anything. So, patas lang. And quits na sila dapat. Should no longer have any bearing, ‘coz parties involved chose to stay mum.

    Yes, I will support.

  7. I hope she is more mature now and ready to take on the responsibilities if she does win.

    She would be an interesting rep as she looks very foreign from inside out.

  8. She is 24 , she has a couple of years … right now , she is Michelle Dee’s spoiler …but Michelle is much stronger in Q & A …. Amelincx may be less strong in other areas but pretty good in Q & A ( I felt then that she should have been 1st ru to Rabiya and not Isabelle )

    • @ jaretwrightlover Imho lang, huwag na natin i-adopt yang practice na yan na ‘should-peak-by-the-late-twenties’. More & more, we could (gradually) prepare our trainees to be already deadly in their mid-twenties (23~25).

      Bear in mind, lagi na lang tayong naghahabol sa age ceiling. ‘Eh MWP nga lang, 26 na.

      At iilan lang ata sponsors na specifically ask for or prefer someone in her late 20’s to early ’30’s. While placing well at MU, if not winning, is the goal, tingnan din ang post-Nationals nila LOCALLY.

      But, yeah. I did not check how old both Dee & Amelinckx are. I’m more receptive to the latter, atm. And it’s because Pauline has not yet had the chance to compete internationally. Michelle did na.

    • I think it is not right to give chance (or shall I say preference) to the late 20s girls. So what if she is 24, kung siya ang pinakadeserving, huwag nating ipagkait sa kanya ang korona po.

      On the other end of the spectrum, if a gorgeous, likeable, articulate 18 year-old lass will emerge from the barrios and sweep us at our feet, leave us breathless (tapos may mga life experiences na rin siyang paghuhugutan), then so be it, send her, not her 27 and up “Ates”. 🙂

  9. Mga katanungan para kay Celeste Cortesi at sa The Camp:

    1. Bumait na ba siya? Nagkaroon ba ng ATTITUDE CHANGE and/or BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION?

    2. How about ang kanyang English vocabulary skills and (comm skills in general)? Hindi niya naintindihan noon ang salitang MALNUTRITION sa Q&A ng Miss Earth.

    3. How about yung (masyadong) halatang physical enhancements such as over2x na LIPS?

    Maraming salamat at magandang umaga sa lahat.

    • Osmel Souza has been doing enhancements for his Miss Venezuela for decades past..producing Hoards and hoards of Beauty Queens!!.. may pinagbabawal bang ganun ang Ms.U!?.. kahit nga ang Trans na Ms.Spain,nakapasali sa MU!.. what’s the problem with Enhancements? Are you still in the 1900’s mindset!?

      • @ Viggo Bjorn What some of our friends are against is what many perceive as ‘too much’. Case in point are Celeste’s lip job & Rabiya’s ‘girls’.

        But, where do you draw line?

        Sinabi na dati dito. What if GUSTO nung nagpaayos? For all we know, both ladies are perfectly happy with what they got. What right have we to stop them? At ako rin lang, may pagkakataon, ilulubos ko na.

        Pageant organizations everywhere are mindful of CHOICE. So even if they prefer unaltered beauty, they cannot ban enhancements outright without risking being brought to Court. Open-mindedness.

      • Tumpak edible flower! Okay naman ang physical enhancements basta hindi lang UBER2x. Yung boobs ni Rabiya parang umabot na sa leeg niya. Ironic is ang kanyang final orange similar to turtle neck ang design, so natakpan buong dibdib niya. Kaloka!

        In the case of Celeste, parang pinaayos na niya ang kanyang over enhanced lips. A couple of years back parang nakagat ng daan-daang jollibees. He, he, he…

  10. Maganda cya no doubt. Aside from being a spokesperson, beauty pageant orgs prefer “hindi sakit sa ulo” Queen. 😊 Your attitude determines your altitude

  11. Celesti is another strong contender for the crown. Competition in MUP is getting tougher

    • Beautiful and engaging, but without the sash, one would not think she’s from the Philippines. And no, it’s not her accent.

    • Problemado ang kandidatang ito in terms of attitude, communication skills and those “physical enhancements”. The last one, masyadong halata. Napaayos na ba niya Norman?

    • @Serge, sorry for having accidentally replied to your comment. Mine was supposed to be a direct reply to the article, no intention to contradict your view.

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