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  1. Edible Flower and Thomas,

    Pwes, ipadala si Nadia sa Miss World (JM will surely like her) or to Miss Earth (Lorraine will be enamored by her). Bagay din siya sa Miss International but needs to be softer in looks, calmer in disposition and sweeter to people.

    Maayong buntag sa tanan.

  2. The make-up of Bea in the above photo should be the one she should wear during MU finals. It enhanced here her very Filipina look/beauty! Anyways, wish you both girls happiness in life!

    • Ha! The ASTIG look? Baka mapagkamalan siyang security personnel ng Israel for MU. he, he, he…

      • Well kanya-kanya tayo ng opinyon and I respect yours. But for me she looks beautiful sa photo nya with such make-up. Again, I respect yours. Peace and love.

  3. Grateful to these 2 ladies for representing our country well in the international stage. I wish them the best on their birthdays

  4. Ang ganda ni bea… dapat ciya MU, ooozzing sex appeal… personally i cant feel a spark for india… honestly.

    • Agree with your comment about Ms India. But I will not agree to a Ms. Philippines choice either nor a Miss South Africa. We should really be happy that Bea made it to Top Five. I like Bea a lot. But the best placement at the back of my head during the competition was Top Ten. And it was not because of beauty, sex orientation, but a weak Q&A performance.

      For both objective and subjective reasons (ex. Beauty, hype, and giving chance to others), it should have been Ms. Paraguay. AGUYJE Steve!

      Oh well, water under the bridge.

      World Peace.

      • @ THOMAS We understand your pain for Paraguay. They’re probably thinking, “is it still possible to find amongst ourselves one even better than Nadia? What does/could it still take??!!”

        But we all need to be reminded that the difference between the gold & silver (crown & 1st Runner-up) can be so incremental that for all intents & purposes they can just as well consider it a win. And indeed most pageant organizations assume the second placer agrees to stay on ‘stand by’ in case ‘the winner is unable to fulfill her duties/responsibilities…’.

        I like SILVER. For me, it means ‘room for improvement/growth’. It’s the glam sans the pressure.

        I look to Evelina Papantoniou (Greece 2001) & Laura Gonzales-Ospina (Colombia 2017) as case studies. The latter was just unlucky Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters happened to be her batch mate. The former was the heavy favorite, but a combination of less-than-satisfactory Q&A & the FRENZIED hometown audience support for Denise Quinones dashed her hopes.

        Watch, also, how Valentina Figuera won Grand 2019. Would you say Mexico then was like Evelina at MU 2001?

      • Flor Tulo,

        What do you mean “we” understand my pain for Paraguay? Why “we?” Are you speaking for a particular group or for your many personalities? Lol.

        Difference between gold vs. silver is indeed very incremental — but not in Miss Universe. Maybe in Olympics wherein nanoseconds, centimeters count and matter.

        Who the hell remembers who the first runner up is in a Miss Universe contest? No one. NO ONE. Except rabid (Filipino fans).

        A deserving, well-loved, once in a blue moon delegate from Paraguay could have been a more politically accepted, popular choice. But then again, water under the bridge. I am not saying Ms. India is not deserving, I am just saying that Paraguay could have been a better choice.

        But as Samantha Jones would say “shoulda, woulda, coulda”.

        World Peace.

      • @ THOMAS Two things lang.

        1. Paraguay is very lucky to have you as their defender. Like a knight in shiny silver armor.

        2. ‘Pag sinabi mong fractions of a point don’t matter in MU, then all I can think off is… napulitika si Nadia. Something like the implied for Bella Ysmael & Katrina Dimaranan?

        Cooking show? Sa MU? Si Denise Quinones because of Puerto Rico hosting that year? Hhhmmm.

        Yup. The one that got away. Happens all the time.

        At least Nadia Ferreira is savored as a treasured memory of the fleeting nature of beauty. Surely worth ‘not forgetting’.

  5. How old is Payumo ? … she is one of my top choices for a major title … maybe not yet for MUP , but in a couple of years if she is on the young side …

    • Parang 25 years old na siya today. She was 22 when she won the Mutya Pilipinas and Miss Tourism International in 2019.

  6. Concepts/Inspirations for the two pictures:

    1. Jail guard goes to party, and

    2. Pok2x in Bangkok.

    Please, please do not submit “pangit” pictures to Norman.

    • and/or

      1. Ninang sa kasal.

      2. ST films in the 90s.

      When you are celebrating birthdays, please naman post nice and descent pictures. Thanks.

      • @ paul DESCENT to the Underworld of Persephone, rival of Aphrodite for the affection/attention of Adonis.

        Feliz compleanno, chicas!

        Payumo did well to skip. We await her return to Nationals.

        Any news on how Bea’s family are after Typhoon Rai (struck Cebu City)? Her activities with MUP were put on hold upon return from Israel so that she could go straight to them. Hope all’s OK now.

      • Edible flower my dear, if Cyrille Payumo plans to joins BPP, she might get into trouble with the picture. above. Remember the case of Sandra Seifert and the like. SMA and company do not like that type of picture. Pwede pa kay Lorraine Schuck sa MPE. He, he, he…

      • The wordings can be kinder Paul, but I get your point. Lol.

        What is with the Yehlen Catral early 80’s look for Bea? Chunky fake earrings? Heavy make-up? Turban na lang, Celia Rodriguez na. Lol.

        And since we are with the Bea subject? What is she now in terms of sexual orientation?

        And what is that 1985 movie poster “Turuang Apoy starring Lyka Ugarte” look for Cyrille? Ang cheap.

        Sabi ng ni Paul, it is not very “DESCENT”. Lol.

        World Peace.

      • Yehlen Catral, Lyka Ugarte and Celia Rodriguez! Very Classic. He, he, he… Anyway thanks my dear.

      • @ paul Gud Thu AM.

        Sige na nga! Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostle @ THOMAS.

        Nadia Ferreira should be appointed to whichever her next pageant would be. Her MU finish should count for something. She does not need to prove anything else/more.

        (Parang ansagwa lang nung sentence construction ko sa taas… ‘Nadia… would be’. That one.)

        ‘Ay, narito na rin lang… I saw your bit of chat with blogger in an earlier post in which may ipinagtapat siya sa iyo concerning one of the MUP applicants featured here.

        I have a feeling her camp/team will remain unknown UNTIL & ONLY IF SHE WINS. That way, the group can declare with finality that they, indeed, have a right to present their wares at MUP. But yes, if she doesn’t even make the Roster (which is highly unlikely given the generally rosy~warm comments she got from our readers), she can quietly slip back into peaceful anonymity if she wishes. Imo, a good attitude to have. ‘Tsaka na lang mag-brag ‘pag nanalo ka na. SAMPAL ‘yan dun sa competitors na feeling!

        (But for that group to be able to pull that off is akin to sneaking that Trojan horse into enemy territory. It will require DEFT STEALTH. This will mean the most deliciously exciting days to come!)

      • Okay edible flower. Nabasa ko na at sinagot. Salamat sa pagtatanggol. Ikaw talaga ang aming diwata.

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