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  1. @ nunyabiz1991 Yes. Rowie is Roberta’s (nickname?) shared on socmed.

    @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Delfin Lara reports nothing new. Ikaw nga, ata, unang nagkuwento dito na ‘C’ or ‘D’ ang credit rating ng MU (the business entity under WME-IMG). Unless Paula & co. take steps to attract investors/buyers/advertisers/sponsors (of the right kind, whatever ‘right’ means), they are essentially just milking the brand until it is exhausted. OR, magpasok ng ‘fresh blood’.

    @ paul Pila_.

    • @edible flower Plastic Flowers sabi ko kay lonewulf. He, he, he…

      Isang araw magugulantang na lang tayo at Pilipino na ang may-ari ng MU. Maayong hapon.

      • @ paul Why not a Filipino? We don’t need to own it forever. And while it’s with us, we can give it the ‘jab in the arm’ that it needs.

        But that would essentially mean a Filipino entity/group buying into Endeavor. Maybe one of us can enlighten on how much share foreigners can get in the USA. Puwede bang 100% ownership dun?

  2. I like the way she looks here. Her Indian looks is subdued and appearing more mainstream.

  3. Dios ko! For now we really have to settle for runner up finish or Top 10,

    Huwag muna mag-ambition ng crown ulit!

    Walang ka-cuenta-cuenta ang ganap ng MU!

    Naka-dalawang coronation na si Destiny plus may rampa pa sa New York Fashion Week na home turf ng MU!

    Eto nanatili tenant sa New York apartment!

    Puro pictorial ang ganap niya na wala naman endorsement, kung may endorsement man, wala ring cuenta tulad nung Juice Drink ng shupit!

    Chica nga ni Rafa mukhang for sale daw ang MU dahil hindi pa naka buelo sa utang nila!

    • Yes when it comes to activities of the winner, Miss Earth tops them all kahit nung peak ng pandemic nung time ni Lindsey pati elemental queens may ganap.
      Just one of the many things that I am proud of about Miss Earth.
      Bakit nga pala wala man lang designer ang nag invite kay Harnaaz during NYFW? Di kaya may p***k? Kasi kahit yung pinaka mayaman o pinakasosyal meron pa ring amoy hahhahha sorry po

      • @ JustPassingBy Nothing can be easier than an environment-as-advocacy. Won’t require big-time/corporate sponsors to execute. Magtanim ka lang ng puno o mag-segregate ng basura, OK na! Again, ME trumps all (other big pageants in terms of relevance/timeliness/action).

        Also, how this pageant involves its entire court may be unique. The antithesis to what one of us said, that no one bothers to remember the Runners-up, only rabid/hardcore pageant followers. If extending this mindset to pageant brands, Carousel’s is the obvious wild child of the bunch!

        Regardless, ME doesn’t seem perturbed. After all, when it comes to saving the planet, more hands are better than a few.

        Yes, I recall the 2020 court – Lindsey Coffey (who traveled Italy extensively), Michala Rubinstein (European of Jewish lineage), Stephanie Zreik (emphasized how Venezuela deserves to be more known as a tourist destination), & Roxanne Baeyens (urban gardening as advocacy, starred in several TV ads, & now the ND for Ms. Bikini Phl). And all this obtained just from one source!

  4. @edibleflower, are Rowie and Roberta the same person?

    Roberta is stunning! And she’s glowing up so nicely.

  5. She is pretty but simply not my cup of tea. If you are used to Indian women, she is plain looking. Her facial structure lacks definition. Yung tipong pagtanda nya magkasama na ang nect at chin.
    Sorry maybe I am just a fan of naturally well-defined facial bone structures.

  6. Lonewulf ha! Stop that. LOL! It does not smell bad. I’ll give you a clue – it starts with letter P. Sige nga hulaan mo. P_____…

  7. Mas edgy c bea sa pictures, sayang off guarded lng sa tanong… i think cya gusto ni ps

    • MU is not a modeling contest unfortunately. Face wise, sa top 5 I’ll put Bea last. First is India, then Paraguay, Colombia, SA then Bea.

      • My point ka my dear. MUP 2021 is just plain looking. And her personality is not apt for MU. Thanks.

    • @ nunyabiz1991 You like CURVES?

      Anita Rose Gomez, please KF!

      The Igorota, too (previously featured).

      And from the PROMEDIA Fit/Bikini ‘pageant athletes’, choose from Natasha Jung, Rowie Tamondong, & Elda Aznar.

      Any one of these can serve Perfect Body.

      (PS Bakit ‘1991’? Or, is it none of our business?)

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