6 comments on “Michelle Arceo for Miss Environment International 2022

  1. With a shoebox background, I believe she will do well in the competetion. I wish her luck

      • @ serge Palaisipan yung ‘shoebox’. Tas, naging ‘showbox’. I thought you were riddling… Hahaha!

        CompeTEtion. Hihihihhh…Don’t get upset, po. It’s yours, not ours. Fret thee not. We love thee still.

  2. What a tacky first photo. 80’s bomba star posing / shot ala Anna Marie Gutierrez, Isabel Rivas, Alma Moreno.

    The video is much better. Good Luck!

    World Peace.

    • Exactly what i had in mind!

      Myra Manibog vibes!

      Starlet na starlet ang arrive ni Pining!

      Whatever, sana naman ay maging matiwasay ang biyahe nya pauwi sa Nigeria!

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