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  1. I think the only problem facialy w/ Jasmineis her teeth.. Her veneers were created to hide the assymetry but failed….. Body-wise I don’t think she has any problems except stretchmarks that can easily be fixed, she just needs more time.

  2. If the current BBP-international title holder would compete next year, does that mean the highest crown available this year is Miss Grand International? Maybe this time Angkol would finaly give our bet his top prize?

    • @ Renato Tipid ngumiti. Parang si Kylie! Maaaring may teeth/smile issues (Karen)???

  3. She is naturally thin and its not helping the gait. she will be more queenly if she gains at least 10 lbs. Sat beside her coz i paid extra leg room. during my cebu pac flight fr japan. she doesnt look 5’9 bec of her hunching her shoulders pag tumaba ito di na sya mag hunch

  4. She was seen screening for Kagandahang Flores. Wise decision after all that camp produced 3 miss international already if that’s her goal. ( 2005,2013 and 2017)

    • @ Lymaraina I think this has more to do with A&Q itself.

      I get the impression, ang bilis na ng turnover nila ngayon. Which means to make room for new blood, they have to ask the veterans to begin looking elsewhere…

      Recall how back in 2020, A&Q fielded a practically fresh batch to BBP? Anim (6) sila – Karen, Shaira (Rona), Pat Babista, Carina Carino (‘ETO, ANONG PLANO NIYA??!!), Cinderella, & Hannah. Now, they’re ‘yesterday’s newspaper’. Ang ‘babies’ ngayon du’n, sina Talbot, Schmidt, & Saubier.

      Back in 2020 at the inaugural MUP, the camp launched Amelinckx & Paola Ortega. Gumabao, Smith, & Lemonon were ‘on the way out’… Now, Pauline herself screams ‘one last hurrah’. Why?!

    • And, this is on top of two other MUP applicants, both already featured, relatively high-profile pageant veterans & still camp sisters but of course no longer A&Q. Batch mates at a MWP edition, & if they make the Cut (which is expected, of course) this year will sash as adjacent NCR cities!

      Sandra Lemonon & Katrina Dimaranan for 2020 & 2021, respectively.

      Ivanna Kamil Pacis in 2020. I don’t recall that this city joined last year.

  5. the winner of Bb International will have to wait until December 2023 to compete … ???

    I hope they don’t waste it on Mendoza, Basiano or Mackey… perhaps just give it to Cruz …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Ganyan, ata, mangyayari sa PI this year. Which is a bit odd, as it will mean an accrual every year hereon unless they compensate by just crowning a Top 2.

      Ayusa will reportedly crown her 2023 successor but will herself be sent to Japan towards year’s end.

      Ayu Saraswati.

      To date, all indications at BBP point to the following.

      Option 1 > BBP-International 2022, with Hannah to be sent to a still-to-be-revealed new franchise.
      Option 2 > BBP-Grand as the highest crown, in which case Hannah to Japan is straightforward. Or,
      Option 3 > BPCI will finally send its top crown to Angkol. That’s Hannah!

      Which you like?

      • none of these options is good … the next Bb International should not go through what Hannah went through … so they should give Bb International to the delegate who needs an extra year to prepare

  6. Mendoza, Mackey, Basiano, and Cruz will be among the girls to beat in this year’s Binibini

  7. The Janick Maceta vibe in Karen is extant. If she is well-prepared enough for yet another battle, I suggest she’d try MUP. Who knows she might clinch the crown.

    Anyways, her decision matters. If she is eyeing a BbP top crown, then go for it. Let us wish her the best of luck.

    OT: I saw an interview clip of Jasmine Umali in which she said she may not be joining a national pageant for now, though she really is aiming for the Universe. I suggest, she considers great physical transformation. If she’s got a sponsor, go to Venezuela and do aesthetic enhancements there. After all, she has the height, body and the gift of gab. Admittedly, Jasmine has to undergo facial surgeries on her nose, teeth, and facial structure.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund Ang dami naman, po! Nose, teeth, even the very face. That will take years.

      I actually find the imperfections appealing… Like the quirky-edgy image of Danica Magpantay, only paler-skinned.

      But that’s Umali. Back to Mendoza…

      ‘Yang mold ni Karen, if she joined this year, twinning sila ni Annabelle McDonnell.

      • Jasmine is a rockstar, but, I tell you, if she won’t improve her look, she will never get the MUP crown.

        Best of luck to Karen.

        That’s all.

    • Ana, the Venezuelan doctors who did Minorka, Milka’s faces even Irene is now based in Miami. Iba na Ang mga doctor na natitira sa Venezuela.

  8. Really, within arms’ reach victory last year year (?). I don’t even recall who this girl is. I agree with edible flower though, trying for two consecutive years is not advisable. The girl usually becomes “too prepared” and too packaged and appearing not natural anymore.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS She got the infamous~notorious, “When is it OK to not be OK? And when is it NOT OK to not be OK”?

      ‘Nampucha. Pati ako, naguluhan….

      (At the crucial Question Round that narrowed down to the Final 6 – Arnold, Montagne, Panlilio, Obenita, Basiano, & Cruz.)

      Taga-A&Q. Ka-batch ni Rabiya sa Miss Iloilo 2019 & by virtue of that earned the ticket to BBP.

      • Oh. Thanks. That’s sad. What was remembered in that incident was that pa-intellectual, pa-bida and a sorry excuse for a host that was Girl Abunda.

        Please pageant organizers, do not anymore get that..that…that , what ever that is , as a host, adviser, panelist. He is a walking human rights violation. Lol.

        World Peace.

  9. Tita Lavinia said something about that second-time ‘gigil’. She mentioned it when asked about repeating/trying again. And why girls like Pia (and, well, for that matter Jehza) only nailed a crown on the third attempt. Just get it from her. It sounds very sensible.

    And if I may add, if age & finances will allow, postpone. Maybe skip a year, like what Catriona did? Doing so might help to quell the ‘gigil’, which could go either way good or bad depending on ‘factors’. Well, for that matter, Amelinckx & Piczon did just that – skip a year!

    • Karen, I’m not discouraging you. Kasi, baka na-pre-pressure ka lang. At baka most of that pressure is on/from yourself. TAKE YOUR TIME, dear. Don’t needlessly rush what can be paced. With your innate beauty (we’ve seen your interviews leading up to BBP 2021), you will not want for supporters. Well, real/true supporters will only want the right things/ways for you. So, happy trails!

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