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  1. To pacify the theatrics and hysterics on this controversial topic from troll farms, I hope I will make myself clear on the reasons for my cynicism:

    In any advocacy that purports to serve the interests of the marginalized “underserved” and “neglected” sector, projecting the advocate’s privileged status, much less her sacrifices to curtail the perks of such status (like “ put[ting] my leisure travels on pause” and “buy[ing] land“), reduces the authenticity of the mission in the eyes of the target beneficiaries. It gives them the impression oj being mere “subjects”, not “partners” to development

    Dani’s advocacy is audacious and novel if only her selfless desire to help the farmers focuses more on their sacrifices and plight and less on hers.

    • I believe any good advocacy starts with knowing the real pains of the sector the advocacy targets to help. This requires what is known as “immersion” in NGO circles. Knowing their real pains entails consulting and working with them on solutions to their challenges. In the case of the farmers, is it—

      • how to effectively reduce the cost of agricultural inputs?
      • how to outsource and use local inputs to increase productivity?
      • how to increase the yield of their produce?
      • how to shorten the farm-to-market process so that the products command prices that still give a decent return?
      • how to network with other groups to eliminate rampant smuggling of competing imported goods?
      • how to scale up this advocacy on a regional or national level?

      I am positive, if she can engineer her advocacy towards a more doable and pro-people initiative, she can have a very powerful action program worth the prestige of the MU platform.

    • BTW, on another issue someone pelted me with, regarding the so-called copy-pasted two-or-three-sentence piece on a past commentary that someone noticed. it was about a definition and explanation of something (I have even forgotten what it was) that I liberally copy-pasted. I have explained that posts in this blog are casual thoughts and not academic writings that require bibliographic annotation.

  2. She is already being judged as a fake when she has just started her advocacy ??? Why not wait a year or so ????
    For someone who claims that his comments are all constructive , do you know how this girl would feel if she read your post ???
    I find your use of those hoity-toity words more presumptuous than any ol what this girl has written or said .
    Didn’t nunyabis91 call you out for cutting and pasting and not giving credit to the source ???

    • Isog kaayo ka kol mao na ganahan ko nimo. Naa pod kay prinsipyo. Maayong gabii nimo diha sa US kol.

  3. The critique on the authenticity of advocacy for the “underserved” and “neglected” farmers has become a rallying point for troll farms. And the thumbs down keeps on multiplying…

  4. Video, said “… I’m from San Juan City”. I will assume there is a San Juan City near if not adjacent to Amumulung.

    The area seems very nice – bird song, wide open vistas (am not a fan of urban blight), amiable oxen & children. (SIGH….The signature yellow corn of the region!)

    Dani seems nice girl. Yeah, sounds ‘rich man’s poor daughter’, but that’s not her fault. At least she’s helping out, doing what she can… Comparison to the son of a former strongman unnecessary. We may not know, even doubt, her real motives for joining MUP. But no harm has been done, no moral turp…. (that word).

    (And doesn’t seem ‘soupy’* like that former Binibini that carried the ‘Ilocos Sur’ sash. * – sabaw)

    Gives a ‘will-hang-out-with-Rachel-Peters-&-VVV’ vibe. Cool. I wouldn’t mind. Enjoy the ride, Missy!

  5. “Today i stand before you, representing the underserved, the neglected, the reason why we have life: I represent our farmers… The people who truly have the power to shake the universe.” Sounds like a campaign spiel of a Party List Nominee who claims to represent the marginalized but comes from the patently affluent class. As if to dramatize her bleeding heart for the poor, she proclaimed: “This 2022, I put my leisure travels [around the Philippines and … US] on pause and went back to my roots: Amulung, Cagayan. I had bought land and began my farming journey.”

    I’m sorry but in my opinion, this is not the core value that pageantry upholds. If in Philippine politics this can be a winning game plan (sadly!), I think pageantry platforms have no place for less-than-authentic advocacies. I think she should run for a Party List Nominee and join the ranks of our “honorable” representatives of the marginalized sectors headed today by a billionaire (the richest congressman by far).

      • @ Cool Brew ‘Yung una kong basa sa comment, si @ scorg ang peke. I had to re-read. Ayos!

      • @Cool Brew, I normally am always supportive of advocacies presented by an aspirant. But from Dani Camcam’s own narrative, this one reeks of inauthenticity. To claim that she “represents the underserved, the neglected… farmers” by simply putting her “leisure travels on pause” to “buy land” to begin her “farming journey” is I think an irresponsible show of decadence and an insult to the poor farmers she purports to serve. Alaiza Malinao two years ago presented an outstanding advocacy on farm-to-market support to farmers and she never flaunted her wealth and lifestyle– simply her know-how on farm-to-market system that leverages on technology. This initiative by Dani Camcam gives a wrong message that to represent the marginalized farmers all one has got to do is sacrifice her personal travels to buy a farmland. Sounds like many Party List nominees that represent the drivers when they are fleet operators, that represent the urban poor when they are wealthy land developers, that represent mothers when they are not even married yet (but have “concern” for mothers). That’s why our Philippine Congress is ironically populated with millionaire representatives of the marginalized poor, and the head of all Party List reps is a billionaire.

    • 🎯

      Everything Scorg said.

      Scorg as usual being the well-mannered diplomat, while I’ll be the a-hole bull in the China shop re: the moneyed oligarchs/oligarch-adjacent representatives whose hearts purportedly bleed for the poor (for political clout) while they use their positions to entrench/amplify their business interests.

      Was this video for a TikTok “Tell me you’re tone deaf without telling me you’re tone deaf” challenge?

      I suppose she means well, but unfortunately the way she flexes her privilege while claiming to speak for the marginalized comes across as clout-chasing (to me) more than anything else.

      • @SQ, in this election season, the search for authenticity, integrity and truth should be paramount, The same parameters should apply to pageantry as an institution.

    • It’s just a few hours that elapsed and the pesky thumbs-down army are at work again. I wish they come out of their crypts and argue in the spirit of enlightened debate why someone from the landed gentry could best “represent the underserved,…neglected” landless farmers. This is like arguing why the hacenderos could best represent the sacadas in today’s Congress. This blog is a free market of ideas; it has no place for trolls fearful of arguments and devoid of reason.

      • @Cool Brew, but I wish they come out of the open and present their arguments. In this free market of ideas, no one can claim to have the monopoly of truth. Who knows, I can be convinced over to their side. As it is, it’s like a sniper shooting you from some dark corners of the cyberspace. That’s why I love to argue with Ana Winter-Lund: we talk about issues, not personas; we use polite language, not unprintables. Still, at the end of the day, we remain friends in this blog despite some differences.

  6. I will be dating myself here but the surname association should have been with EMMA CAMCAM. How are these sisters related to her? I am guessing their grandmother? With a name like Emmanuel Camcam, they must be related.

    It has been said, girls and gheys that Emma C. was ALLEGEDLY the “special friend” of Gen. Fab, V. And her legendary corruption ALLEGEDLY was even worse than that of Madame of 3,200 pairs of shoes fame. And both strongmen hailing from the North (Ilocos and Cagayan), well you can do the math. It seems the last name Kamkam was very apt.

    Having said that, the timely question is this : Should the spawns take responsibility for the sins of their fathers? In short, should Danielle even run for this pageant in the same manner that the famous Junior is vilified for applying for the highest position in the land?

    World Peace.

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