8 comments on “Twin Presscons for Miss Elite Philippines and Miss Bikini Philippines

  1. Shannon has strong chance of winning Miss Elite World.
    I admire beauty titlists who assume national directorship. Araneta, Supsup, Patalinghog, Baeyens, and many more . They are continuing the legacy of celebrating Filipina beauty.

    • @ serge Louise Theunis, too.

      Let’s see if I got it right. Anybody, please correct me/this if I am wrong at any point.

      She (Louise) was the inaugural Miss Bikini Philippines under the PROMEDIA/Empire Marketing Corp. (bosses tagged) organization. Then, was appointed ND for the sibling pageant, Miss Fit Philippines, with Malka Shaver as inaugural titlist in turn.

      Rowie Tamondong & Shannon Tampon were 1st & 2nd Runners-up, respectively, to Louise…?…

      The following round of Bikini had Chelsea Fernandez & Chella Falconer as the Last Two Standing. This was the beginning of their virtual edition. Or, was Malka’s batch also virtual?

      Eto na ‘yung latest na Fit – Aduana (winner), Bisan (1st Runner-up), & Magbitang (which Runner-up?). Chelsea was ND.

      Now, ND Baeyens. Which means that Roxie can only attempt a second foray in the Nationals once the organization gives her their blessings (like this event), IF she is still open to the idea.

      • @ serge Cindy Madumma was SCUBA Filipinas ND, right?

        (Btw, naalala ko matagal nang kinuha ng UltraLife si Roxie as brand ambassador, maybe not long after winning MPE. The ‘family of brands’ includes some fast food cart concessions!)

  2. I don’t know. The overall photo vibes lool like girls on display inside an aquarium in one of the Quezon Avenues sleazy spots.

    Slits as high as the navel,,
    Cheap looking satin, polyester clothing materials (ex. SSS gowns : Shining, Shimmering Splendid) Lol.
    Make up so thick you can cut a knife through it
    Horrendous stilts pretending to be shoes, and most of all
    An aging mama-san in purple competing with her girls. Lol.

    World Peace.

  3. So, this is what the Laurel Mansion looks like within… There was a time nadadaanan ko ‘to araw-araw & wondered what was inside. 🙂

    I like the KF selection here! And everyone looks deadly gorgeous.

    And I admire PROMEDIA for gamely supporting their athletes’ foray into bigger/other contests. I recall they even had a thanksgiving Mass for Shannon Tampon’s BBP journey.

    Jung – styled a’ la Kylie, with a slit high enough to fall through. Angkol might like; Thais surely will.

    Magbitang – she should try again at BBP. I don’t see her anywhere else.

    Tamondong – as Tito said, she might go to BBP. OK lang.

    Fernandez – ituloy na ang pag-MWP!

    Aznar – moves like a dream, captured the fluidity of Evelina Papantoniou. Kahit saan.

    Aduana – like a softer, less angular/chiseled Tiglao. Pleasant aura. Classy ASEAN beauty for MI, ‘yung tipo ni Ponsap Ponyotha (Laos 2017, who reached the Speech Round, Kevin Liliana’s year).

    And my pamborit… TAD-DAAHHH!


    An Asian version of Luiseth Materan. That calm~composed, straight-talking demeanor when interviewed (walang likot-likot, walang arte) brings to mind camp (KF) sister Honey Be Parrenas. SHE WILL WEAR ‘SARANGANI’ AT MUP 2022. Easily should be a Top 10 finisher.

  4. Why put Roberta Tamondong at the back, these people has no respect to the teen queen.

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