12 comments on “Hannah Arnold: Miss International-ready

  1. Sana yung speech niya hindi mahirap i interpret sa mga Japanese. Alam na natin ang nangyari kay Patch. Dapat demure, sweet, princesisita ang dating hindi mala gabriela silang ang approach sa MI

  2. Watch out when Japan’s tourism opens. That would also mean green light for MI.
    MI organization said Fall of 2022. So they can actually hold the competition earlier than December.

    I also hope Hannah competes, although it means no new MIP titlist for 2022.

    • Stephen Diaz, Miss International’s Marketing & Social Media Director, tweeted on January 21 that “MI must be held this year no matter what.”

      It appears that the organization is accepting bids from other countries to host the pageant in order to have contingency plans in place so that the pageant will be staged “no matter what” (as Stephen phrased it).

      • @SQ, thanks for the info. Is the “no matter what” inclusive of the possibility of a virtual pageant? While we are earnestly praying for the eventual exit of this health menace, what if another variant mutates by Fall?

  3. Ang tanong kailan ba ang patimpalak ng Miss International 2021? Sayang lang naman ang ganda niya kung hindi natin ilalaban ang ating pambato.

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