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  1. @Edible Flor, on the possibility of the Badjao Girl joining MUP next year: why not? I have heard but have not seen her pics on the web. Same for the Dumagat lass who was featured online last year.

    Pageantry should not be exclusivist nor elitist. Especially now that in the eyes of today’s youth, beauty is about freedom of expression, diversity, and individuality. Traditional ideologies around beauty are now being challenged by social media savvy Gen Z-ers and Millennials, the world’s biggest consumer market. These young people are questioning cultural norms and what it means to be beautiful. Scholarly studies found out that Gen Z teens and millennials consider “being yourself” as the phrase that best fits their personal definition of beauty. And they don’t simply want to be themselves, they want to be their best selves. They spell beauty as: “be U tiful”.

    • And by the way, why the rush by pageantry organizations to present themselves as platforms for some relevant advocacies? Obviously, MUP’s “Phenomenal Women”, MWP’s “Exceptionally Empowered Women”, and MEP’s “Earth Warriors are branding taglines directed at the huge advocacy-driven Millenial and GenZ markets! Various researches worldwide confirm that this market segment tend to channel their energies toward meaningful action— aligning spending and career choices with their values, increasing political involvement, and driving change on societal issues that matter most to them. Consequently, they expect institutions to do more to help bring about their vision of a better future. I think pageant organizations are now conscious of this market trend, else they face the prospect of sliding down to extinction.

    • @ scorg Censya na. Hindi kasi ako ma-TV. Pero, a casual Google reveals nag-PBB pala si Rita.

      There is also an article on her here in this blog. ‘A Badjao Girl Named Rita Gabiola’. And a follow-up, ‘The Badjao Girl Now’.

      Those first raw photos of her on the street are, imo, still the best.

      ANY make-up just mars her beauty. With her, NONE is undeniably BEST. A cosmetics company’s nightmare. But the dream girl for skin care ambassadorship.

      Everything looks good – forehead, teeth, nose,… I hope nothing has been altered! It’s been a while.

      Her participation will be more a statement than the need for an actual crown. But being high-profile, let’s see how MUPO can negotiate for her, if ever.

  2. I join the chorus of encouraging remarks on our Igorota aspirant Ghenesis. It’s just right that we also recognize the exquisite beauty of our mountain maidens from cultural minority groups. I still remember one statuesque Kalinga beauty in the MU edition two years ago. Beauty, brains and virtues, yet she was drowned out by the hype on Caucasian looking English-speaking US/UK/Aus/NZ-educated aspirants. In a country that is still stuck with the Western archetype as beauty standard– when international beauty pageants have long realized that there is no universal yardstick of physical beauty as it is culturally-defined– it is heartbreaking to see outstanding aspirants from remote provincial farming/fishing communities, ending up as “clappers”, as they are condescendingly refereed to by some to add insult to injury. To join a national pageant is no joke;, with steep financial and emotional toll on the aspirant. Each one definitely believes she has something significant to bring to the pageantry table to withstand the sacrifices. That’s why I applaud all who come forward to present the best version of themselves.

  3. Miss Baguio 2021. (Batch of Dean Dianne Balogal Lucas- Miss tourism Baguio/first runner up) From the Cordilleras, this Kalinga beauty is a 4rth year BS Architecture student of the Saint Louis University.

  4. It’s practically a copy of Ariska’s finale dress at MGI 2016.

    Talks like Rabiya. As if dramatizing a non-existent cause/issue. I’m sorry, but the Igorots are not exactly the first group that comes to mind when it comes to marginalization. In fact, they are quite an accomplished lot, excelling in their chosen fields and not a few are influencers/content creators.

    But definitely a brown beauty! Antidote to the ‘why-do-Filipinos-send-reps-that-don’t-look-Filipino’.

    The blog unfortunately missed another (earlier) Independent. Other sites/pages/accounts didn’t.

    • (As per @ scorg’s comment, ihanda na daw for a future MUP edition si Rita Gabiola, aka Badjao Girl.)

  5. I like her. More from Cordillera please, the people there are just gorgeous. The women, and ugh the men are so hot.

  6. she looks and sounds young , and she looks tall , or at least the gown design is making her look tall.
    I just wonder is she really tall …

    This will be a nice training ground for her , but this is not her year , she shows potential …

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