24 comments on “So why does Katrina Llegado want to join Miss Universe Philippines 2022?

  1. When the Reina Hispanoamericana got delayed due to political uncertainty in Bolivia, it should have been an opportunity for her to at least learn conversational Spanish pero hindi pa rin niya nagawa? Which make me question her commitment.

    She’s beautiful pero gandang artistahin not for beauty pageant!

    I like her dress though, it’s a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, “Starry Night” which happens to be the inspiration for John Denver’s song!

  2. I find her beautiful, but her comm skills are very weak. Ngayon palang, obvious na, na hindi niya kayang makipagsabayan sa kudaan.

    Bata pa naman so may room pa for improvement.

    Read books, watch great interviews, and make your own notes like what Pia did. Get a group of brilliant speakers that can train you to speak better (just like Cindy Obenita’s team).

    • Surprising since she graduated cum laude in DLSU ( finance) pero it’s not guarantee that if you finished with latin honours Magaling na sa kudaan. Example : Nina Alagao, a FINE ARTS graduate pero ang bongga ng com skills, hindi din naman sya cum laude, she even studied at Philippines high school for the Arts.
      Si Ilene De vera- mascomm graduate up cebu pero meh ang comm skills.

  3. Yung body movements nya is more appropriate for MGI. But of course she can try MUP and who knows siya pala ang kokoronahan. However for me, mas bagay sya sa BbP.

    • Katrina Llegado is just 24 years old. She has four more years (up to 2026) to join Binibining Pilipinas. The ceiling age for MGI (so far) is 28.

  4. She is a strong crown contender:
    Here are my early favorites:
    Amelinckx, Dee, Saubier, Llegado, Caro, Schmidt, and Chiesa,

    • Very good choices Serge. But I think Vanessa Caro is the most promising. Thanks. Good morning to you.

  5. So far, it is exhilarating to note that all those who signified intention to join the MUP are all brains, beauties and core values in their own rights. With the vast reservoir of multidimensional beauties our country is endowed, I am sure there will be a lot more to come forward. While preparing for the contest, I hope all of them don’t lose sight of the fact that MU is looking for a spokesperson and role model on woman empowerment. As role model, she has to be a pleasant woman to look up to, to listen to, and to rally with— not a body to ogle at, a face to gawk at and a waggish walk to snicker by. She has to fit the multidimensional beauty template of MU. In this day and age when there is a heightened global clamor for relevance from any institution, the crown has to be won by someone who can present significantly added value to the MU brand. Best wishes to all of them.

  6. Nothing wrong with her facially, but I think MU (or the fans) has already moved on from “perfectly planned” face. Sorry, struggling for words. Personally, I want to see someone fresh/raw/natural-looking.

  7. Bakit po puro A&Q and TCI ladies ang may rumors of joining MU PH? Wala po bang isasali ang KF or other minor camps?? May issue baaa???

    • @ Bimby ‘Come stai?’ – from Bugoy & Cici.

      Sabi ni Tito Norman, hinihintay niya pa daw ang KF… Na-extend hanggang 2-22 (Tue) ang deadline.

  8. Katrina ineng, maganda, sexy, matalino ka…iapply natin ang realistic positivity na sa Binibing Pilipinas ka mas pwedeng manalo. Anyway, lahat naman ng dreams ay valid. Nasabi ko lang para bawas effort, gastos, at oras pero in the end ineng ikaw pa din ang magddecide. ❤

    • agree … now that there are so many pageants to join, a possible candidate should realize that the worldwide pageants (MU, MW, MI … ) are different in the sense that they are looking for different types of winners. So, a possible candidate should not say “Oh I just want to try joining MUP as I might have a shot… ” You should first ask , do I have the qualities ? You have Pia and Catriona as a reference guide , very high standards … Katrina really falls short . So far, only Michelle Dee …

      • @jaretwrightlover- Tama ka, although Miss Universe Tourism 2022 ang naffeel ko for Michelle. Have a spectacular Saturday!!! ❤

      • Amelincx will be almost perfect for MUP Tourism 2022 , but of course she will not be competing in a worldwide pageant. If this was her goal, she would have been better off joining Bb or MWP, … or even MEP …

  9. I agree that Katrina would be great for MGI.

    Julia, Vanessa and Pauline are miles ahead their competitors in terms of their speaking skills.

    I’m curious to see how these three will show depth, spontaneity, … and drama, which unfortunately is important in QnA.

    … just look at Cat and Harnaaz.

  10. I am sorry but NO for me. Scripted na nga, may nierbos at mali pa ang grammar. Lol. Ano ba yan?

    And what is that obviously drawn thick eyebrows.

    World Peace.

  11. she is twin of Nicole Cordoves … she should have instead joined Bb. and go after MGI Philippines !

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