3 comments on “Bella and Ivy aspire for Miss Universe Philippines 2022

  1. Isabelle Kristine Braza SHOULD LEARN from the pageant journey of her fellow UPian Patrixia Santos. More or less they have the same height, frame and facial features – a bit petite and not so facially stunning.

    Patrixia had joined Binibining Pilipinas (I think twice) and Miss World Philippines and lost in both pageants. She came close to winning the MPE title when she was proclaimed Miss Phil. (Earth) Air at age 28 (pageant ceiling age). Then she retired from pageantry to focus on becoming a lawyer.

    At 25, Isabelle should maximize her experiences and learning/s from MUP in case she does not win for other national pageants (if she is still interested in winning a title/crown). She will be 26 next year, so better join MWP because it will be her last chance age wise. Isabelle has three more years (2023-2025) for BPP and MPE.

    Good luck! Maayong buntag gikan sa Mindanao.

    • The same piece of advice for Ivylou Borbon. Practice muna sa MUP and join MWP (2023-2024 only), MPE (up to 2026) and BPP (up to 2026) in the NEXT three to four years.

      O Norman tatlo na ang comments sa post na ito. Good morning.

  2. OH NO.

    The handlers of these girls must be kidding.

    The first one is all teeth and eyebrows.

    The second one is the worst so far. Make-up so thick you can slice a knife with it. And she is all eyes, and all teeth, and all lips as well. Scary.

    World Peace.

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